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Women Walk From El Paso To Ciudad Juárez To Lift Up Pope’s Message Of Compassion For The Immigrant

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As Pope Francis is set to pray at the Rio Grande tomorrow, a delegation of women and leaders began a day-long pilgrimage from El Paso to Ciudad Juarez today to bring a message of welcome and compassion for the immigrant and refugee.

“Last September, we heard the Pope’s message about being a nation of immigrants and extending a helping hand to those in need. But over the last few months, all I see are more deportations and raids on our communities and political hate speech,” said Ezzie Dominguez, a member of Centro Humanitario in Denver and one of the participants in the pilgrimage.

“El Paso is the border that my husband crossed 17 years ago, but today, we live under the constant threat of him being deported. My 11 year-old son, who will be walking with me, feels so much fear and sadness, he doesn’t understand why anyone would want to take his dad away from us.”

Women from all across the nation — including in Florida and California — have also held their own walks today in solidarity with the women at the border.

Pope Francis is expected to pray at the Rio Grande for the thousands of immigrants who have died attempting to cross the US/Mexico border. From across the border, immigrant families — many of them facing uncertain futures in immigration court — will be watching.

The women from today’s pilgrimage hope their action highlights the urgent need for immigration policies “that value immigrant families and truly welcome the stranger.”