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BREAKING: Over 1500 Activists Holding Vigils in Over 200 Congressional Offices on Capitol Hill

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WATCH THE LIVE STREAM HERE: http://www.americasvoiceonline.org/livestream

The pro-immigration reform movement has united the broadest, most diverse coalition in its history. Although 3 out of 4 Americans want Congress to pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship, Speaker John Boehner and the House Republican Leadership are using stalling tactics and excuses to block reform from getting a vote on the House floor.

Starting now, over 1500 activists from across the country are holding vigils in over 200 Congressional offices as a part of the “Day of Prayer and Promise” and as a final send off to Congressional leaders as they head out for the holidays.  Watch the actions live here and follow the event on twitter via the #timeisnow hash tag.

Throughout 2013, activism and demand for an end to the immigration crisis reached a new high, where activists and ally groups ramped up activities and built up unprecedented support for immigration reform.

As Congress leaves Washington, DC, our immigration system remains in crisis but the movement supporting reform is stronger than ever. Today’s action serves as a preview of the 2014 campaign to come and sends a strong message to Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans that this issue is not going away. Americans will not stand by as millions of families and communities get ripped apart, leaving children alone without their parents, and people to die in the desert trying to come to this country for a better life.  The time to reform our immigration system is now.