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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, December 13, 2013

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Politico: Last-ditch effort to move on immigration
By Seung Min Kim

NBC Latino: Immigration reform advocates demonstrate in over 200 congressional offices
By Alessandra Hickson

New York Times: Immigration Advocates Undeterred as House Departs Without Action
By Julia Preston

The Hill: Dems: Immigration reform ‘cannot wait’
By Mike Lillis

Washington Post: John Boehner is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore
By Chris Cillizza

The Hill: Does Boehner victory pave the way for immigration?
By Niall Stanage

Huffington Post: Chris Van Hollen Hopes Budget Deal Boosts Immigration Reform
By Jon Ward

The Hill: Van Hollen: Budget vote could spur immigration
By Mario Trujillo

TIME: Senator Will Fast To Support Immigration Reform
By Alex Rogers

MSNBC: Senators Booker, Menendez join fast for immigration reform
By Traci G. Lee

Associated Press (Google translated): Goodlatte: Immigration Maximum Priority in 2014
By Luis Alonso Lugo

The Hill: Boxer: Detainees at border deserve better
By Ben Goad

Fusion: Bloomberg on Immigration Deadlock: ‘We’re Selling Our Birthright’
By Ted Hesson

Fresno Bee (California): The State Worker: Lawsuit raises question for California immigration reform
By Jon Ortiz

MinnPost (Minnesota): Minnesota WWII veteran joins D.C. push for immigration reform
By Devin Henry

NBC 40 (New Jersey): Immigration reform advances in NJ
By Matt Alba

Washington Post (Editorial): Virginia needlessly holds some promising students as outsiders

Politico (Opinion): A proud immigrant who never forgot her roots
By Ana Navarro

CNN (Opinion): Delaying vote on immigration is immoral
By Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Huffington Post (Blog): Immigration, Congressional Inaction and Boehner
By Ryan Campbell

National Journal (My View): ‘I May Just Be One Voice, but It Matters’
By Berenice Ramirez

Huffington Post (Blog): Pelosi Should Demand Unemployment Insurance Extension and a Vote on Senate Immigration Bill for Democrats’ Votes for the Budget
By Paul Abrams

Arizona Daily Star (Arizona — Opinion): Community, business and faith leaders call for immigration reform
By Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas and Jim Click