Yesterday, as part of our two week campaign to stop the deportation of Ivan Nikolov, America's Voice joined Matias Ramos, Tania Unzueta, Dulce Matuz and other DREAM activists to deliver over 6,000 signed petitions, along with a letter of support from Senator Carl Levin, letters from family and friends,... Continue »
Yesterday afternoon, local and national advocates held a media call to highlight Ivan NIkolov's struggle to remain in the country he knows as home, and call on DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief John Morton to prevent his deportation. Continue »
Here's the great news: Marlen was just granted what's known as "deferred action" for one year. She was scheduled to be deported on August 8th, but after a campaign initiated by DREAM Act activists, Marlen was allowed to stay with her family for another year. We asked you... Continue »
The DREAM Now letters to follow each week, from undocumented young people who feel they must tell their stories, will be used to call attention to the urgent need to pass the DREAM Act without further delay. Please get involved by posting the letters on your blog, your facebook... Continue »
Today is the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Anaheim, yet Arizona's new immigration law is sending tremors through America's favorite past-time. Two months after a coalition of major organizations, bloggers, and civil rights groups sent a formal letter to MLB commissioner Bud Selig, telling him it's time... Continue »
RALEIGH -- One of the three young women on a hunger strike in downtown Raleigh protesting immigration laws was hospitalized last night, likely because of heat stroke. Silva was released from the hospital early this morning and is resting at home, and stopped her hunger strike, said Viridiana... Continue »
That's right, the UFW has commenced what they are calling the "Take Our Jobs" campaign, an unprecedented effort to bring attention to the real issues of immigration in agriculture. If it turns out that Americans do take them up on the offer, kudos to them for helping jobless... Continue »
To welcome you back from the long weekend, immigration blips from across the blogosphere. First, Politico's Jonathan Martin reports that California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman may be facing a new ad campaign en Español as a result of her own English-language TV advertising on immigration: The California Nurses Association is launching... Continue »
Hundreds of people occupied a building yesterday in downtown Seattle, Washington, protesting Obama's inaction on immigration reform. The building, which was located downtown, houses some relevant audiences: the immigration court, Customs and Border Patrol, as well as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office. The action, which was organized by... Continue »
Monday evening was intense for those following the young immigrant leaders who have become known as the "#DreamAct5," as they updated twitter followers live from their sit-in in Senator John McCain's office. The peaceful but powerful action in Tuscon, Arizona, took place on the 65th anniversary of the landmark... Continue »