Not only is Arizona's absurd new profiling law, SB 1070, getting ready to cost the state about $90 million dollars in lost tourism and convention revenue in the next five years, it might just cost Arizona the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Continue »
Today, more than half a million people have stood up to protest Arizona's new racial profiling law and to call for comprehensive immigration reform. In Washington, DC over 4,000 people gathered for a march to the White House. The Trail of Dreams arrived this morning, ending their historic 1,500 mile-long... Continue »
This May 1st, immigrant communities and citizens alike will hit the streets to say no to Arizona's new "show me your papers law" and yes to real, federal action on immigration reform this year. Eighty cities across the country are gearing up for major rallies, marches, and protests tomorrow.... Continue »
There’s been a lot of buzz today about President Obama’s comments aboard Air Force One last night, implying that there is no “appetite” to pass real immigration reform this year. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) weighed in this afternoon: In perhaps her most stern words on immigration... Continue »
As they approach Washington, the walkers need you to stand with them now, more than ever. They are scheduled to arrive at the White House tomorrow at 9:00 am. From there, they will walk to the National Press Club for a press conference. Continue »
TPM's LiveWire covers a story The Wall Street Journal first broke late yesterday: "President Obama called Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) from Air Force One today to tell the Republican that immigration reform was coming in a matter of weeks -- and to encourage Brown to get involved with... Continue »
In light of the recent, um, developments this week, I'm wondering if RNC Chairman Michael Steele will be keeping his hard-won meeting with grassroots Latino and immigration reform advocates on Wednesday. These community leaders staged a sit-in at the RNC last Monday, just one day after 200,000 people from... Continue »
Coverage in the blogosphere is still picking up after Sunday's historic health care vote, but here's an initial roundup of blogging on Sunday's massive rally and march or real immigration reform. Stop back for more stories and photos from the march throughout the week. Continue »
As the buses leave Washington to return to Florida, New York, and as far away as California, here are some of our photos from the day. These are mostly crowd shots -- over 200,000 people came out to call for real immigration reform, economic justice for workers, and to... Continue »
Today's the day. Tens of thousands of people are registered to come to the National Mall for today's immigration reform rally, called the March For America. Over 800 buses are pouring in from acrossthe country, and several of the top voices in the blogosphere will be blogging and tweeting... Continue »