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BREAKING: Loida, NC Dream Act Faster, Hospitalized During Day 13 of Sen. Kay Hagan Hunger Strike

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According to the NewsObserver a young woman named Loida was hospitalized during the thirteenth day of a hunger strike calling on Senator Kay Hagan to co-sponsor the Dream Act:

RALEIGH — One of the three young women on a hunger strike in downtown Raleigh protesting immigration laws was hospitalized last night, likely because of heat stroke. […]

Silva was released from the hospital early this morning and is resting at home, and stopped her hunger strike, said Viridiana Martinez, one of the other hunger strikers.

Our thoughts are with Loida and her family for a speedy recovery.

Earlier today we urged our supporters to call on Washington to pass the DREAM Act this summer, and last week we told the story of these three determined NC fasters:

Three young women in North Carolina are starving for the DREAM Act. Viridiana, Loida and Rosario – known as the “North Carolina Dream Team” — are on day eight of their hunger strike, and will continue with it until Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) publicly endorses this common-sense piece of legislation.[…] 

From the North Carolina Dream Team:

Over a decade ago, our parents were forced to make decisions beyond our control and understanding. They decided to migrate to the land of opportunity, the United States of America, in search of a better future for their family. Throughout the years, we have overcome many barriers. We managed to learn a new language and culture as our own; we are bilingual and bicultural. We have attended schools in a country that we love. We pay taxes. We have given back to our communities through tireless volunteering. However, we have become members of a society that does not recognize us as fully human – we are labeled as illegal aliens and denied equal access to higher education.