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Ivan's Fiancée to DHS: It’s Cruel to Send Him to Russia

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Yesterday afternoon, local and national advocates held a media call to highlight Ivan NIkolov’s struggle to remain in the country he knows as home, and call on DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief John Morton to prevent his deportation. 

Ivan Nikolov’s story is compelling. He has been held in a detention center since May and is facing imminent deportation to Russia, despite the fact that he didn’t even know he was undocumented until he was 15, and he barely speaks Russian. His only “crime” was having missed a court date ten years ago – when he was only 12 years old. His mother has already been deported, despite being married (legitimately) to a US Citizen.

If his deportation goes through, he will be forced to join the Russian military, even though he is an American in every way but paperwork.

Not long ago, your faxes made a difference and helped stop an aspiring Arizona preschool teacher named Marlen from being deported. Today, you can do the same for Ivan — please fax DHS and tell them to keep Ivan at home with his fiancée. Local DREAM activists will be delivering letters to DHS in Washington, D.C. this afternoon, so please do your part.