Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) was one of five Democratic Senators to vote against the DREAM Act back in December of 2010. She did vote for the Senate immigration bill last year. But, last month, she sided the anti-immigrant crowd again, voting to block executive action and undermine DACA. She’s also engaged in one of the… Continue »

By Matt Barreto – cross-posted from Latino Decisions The 2014 election is now just 8 days away and almost all the attention on the Latino vote is in Colorado’s Senate race.  While other states with large Latino populations may not have competitive Senate races in 2014, the Latino population is not just a phenomenon in… Continue »

The Sunday edition of the Washington Post published a profile of Javier Flores, who lived in Ohio with his family, including four U.S. citizen children, until he was deported last month.  It’s a very compelling story about the very real impacts of what happened after President Obama decided to delay executive action to an immigrant who… Continue »

Last night, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes did a segment on New Hampshire GOP Senate Candidate Scott Brown’s obsession with the border, noting we’ve seen this anti-immigrant strategy before: Mitt Romney, 2012. At a debate last night, Brown and his Democratic opponent, Senator Jean Shaheen, “discussed” immigration and the border: In one of the many exchanges in… Continue »

Yesterday, America’s Voice released polling from Latino Decisions on “the politics of immigration are influencing Latinos’ perceptions of both parties and potential presidential contenders heading into 2016 and beyond.” Among the key finding: Republicans are Facing Major 2016 Problem: Fifty-five percent of Latinos said that they’d vote for the Democratic candidate if the 2016 Presidential… Continue »

Latino Decisions’ David Damore Explains Why Polls in Colorado Have Consistently Underrepresented the Rising Latino Electorate and What it Could Mean for November As the final weeks of the 2014 midterm election season get underway, Dr. David Damore, Senior Analyst at Latino Decisions, takes to the pages of the Huffington Post to explain how mistakes… Continue »

From the Denver Post’s last few endorsements, you would never have thought that they used to support immigration reform. They did — in an editorial published a few days before the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill last summer, the Post wrote,  “the Senate bill is still the sort of comprehensive solution to the current immigration fiasco… Continue »

Both the New York Times and Politico today have great pieces on Kris Kobach, America’s least favorite Secretary of State, and his unexpectedly tight reelection campaign this November.  A wide swath of Kansas voters are fed up with his extremism, his voter ID crusade, and his apparent preference for furthering anti-immigrant state laws across the country over actually fulfilling… Continue »

1:30 PM ET: Breaking news! Grimes campaign tells immigration-reform advocates she will pull offending ad and not use ‘the i word’ – #kysen #CIR — Joe Sonka (@joesonka) October 17, 2014 It’s been a bad week for Kentucky’s Alison Lundergan Grimes after the release of her “illegal aliens” ad, and she has rightfully come under… Continue »

Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO), now running for Senate in a state where the electorate is 13% Latino, has been saying a lot of nice things about immigration reform.  Immigration reform has consistently been a top priority for Colorado’s Latino voters, and so Gardner has been going around claiming that he supports reform and has taken… Continue »