House Republican Primaries in NC and OH Demolish Myth of Backlash Against Pro-Reform Republicans Yesterday’s primaries in North Carolina and Ohio proved, once again, that the supposed strength of the nativist wing of the GOP is more myth than reality.  The results show that the vaunted anti-immigrant movement is loud but not large, and that… Continue »

Two New York Times stories from this past weekend highlight the growing anger and disillusionment directed at both political parties, coming from core constituencies.  The Republicans come in for special condemnation from agricultural producers for blocking immigration reform legislation.  Meanwhile, President Obama’s record deportations are causing frustration and anger in the Latino community.  The stories… Continue »

Commentators from Jorge Ramos to Rachel Maddow to Jonathan Chait are pushing for Republicans to pass immigration reform this year, warning that the presidential politics of 2015 and thereafter will make it nearly impossible for the GOP to take up legislation.  If Republicans really want to get the issue behind them — and the 2012 election results prove… Continue »

The following is a press release from the Fair Immigration Reform Movement: The nation’s largest immigration coalition—the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM)—announced today it will step up its efforts to achieve comprehensive immigration reform by moving into a phase of electoral punishment for GOP inaction. “Our actions last year were more about trying to persuade… Continue »

What it Means for the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Immigration Reform and the Politics of Immigration  Potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate and current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed his state’s version of the DREAM Act into law yesterday.  Already, some observers are trying to assess the political implications for Christie’s potential presidential run, including how… Continue »

Just a reminder to Texas Representatives Ted Poe and Blake Farenthold about immigration power in their districts. The immigration advocates in Texas will be reminding them about this a lot in 2014 – as will we. The future of 45 GOP members could be determined by the Republican House leadership’s decision on whether to move… Continue »

Just a reminder to Florida Representative Daniel Webster about immigration power in his district. Led by the unrelenting advocates in Florida, our movement will be reminding them about this a lot in 2014. The future of 45 GOP members could be determined by the Republican House leadership’s decision on whether to move forward on immigration… Continue »

Obama’s approval ratings among Hispanics are down.  According to a new Gallup poll, Hispanic support for the president has dropped from 75% last December to 52% last month, more than double his drop rate among whites or African Americans.  An article at the Washington Post today explains what these numbers have to do with immigration reform, and why… Continue »