All eyes this election season are on the country’s super-competitive Senate races, which will determine the oft-debated question as to whether Democrats will retain the upper chamber after November.  One of these all-important Senate races is in Colorado, where Republican challenger Cory Gardner has been putting up a small but consistent lead in polls.  As… Continue »

Latino Decisions with NCLR Action Fund released a poll of Latino voters in North Carolina today — you can see the results here.  Forty percent of those surveyed indicated that they would support the incumbent, Democrat Kay Hagan in the Senate race, while 15% preferred Republican Thom Tillis.  But 45% of North Carolina Latino voters are undecided,… Continue »

Republicans running for Senate this year — Tom Cotton, Thom Tillis, but especially Scott Brown — have been running fear-mongering campaigns so egregious that they have become borderline farcical.  As Greg Sargent highlights today at the Washington Post, Scott Brown has managed to twist the specters of ebola, ISIS, and border security together in a single… Continue »

The US Chamber of Commerce is supposed to be a key conservative supporter of immigration reform — their President, Tom Donohue, has repeatedly spoken in favor of reform with a path to citizenship, and the Chamber made headlines last year when it reached a breakthrough accord with the AFL-CIO that helped lead to the Senate immigration bill.… Continue »

Republicans Candidates – Gardner, Beauprez and Coffman – Would Create Lasting Damage on Immigration and Other Top Issues As ballots are mailed to voters across the state today, Latino leaders in Colorado held a press conference to highlight how important it is that Latino voters turn out in record numbers this election to make their… Continue »

October 17, 2014 update: Grimes has announced she will be taking the ad down: Grimes campaign tells immigration-reform advocates she will pull offending ad and not use ‘the i word’ – #kysen #CIR — Joe Sonka (@joesonka) October 17, 2014 UPDATE: A number of progressive and get-out-the-vote groups have begun responding to Grimes.  Here’s a… Continue »

Latino Decisions and NCLR released a new poll today of Florida Latino voters and their electoral sentiments this year on a host of issues, including immigration reform.  Florida Latinos have historically been more conservative, and included large populations of Cuban and Puerto Ricans, for whom the issue of immigration reform tends to be less salient.  But the state’s… Continue »

As Greg Sargent of the Washington Post notes, recent GOP fear-mongering on immigration issues do not bode well for a party trying to rebrand itself to Latino voters in the lead up to 2016. His piece entitled, “The future of GOP relations with Latinos, in one ad” follows below and can be viewed online here.… Continue »

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that President Obama delayed executive action on immigration until after the election because he didn’t want the former to be a “casualty” of the latter. “The concern is that, had the president moved forward with his announcement prior to Election Day, you would have seen Republican candidates… Continue »

Bloomberg Politics has a great cover story today on the Senate race in Colorado between Sen. Mark Udall (D) and his challenger Rep. Cory Gardner (R).  It’s one of the most competitive races this fall, and is made even more important by the fact that Colorado is a significant bellwether for the rest of the country.  As the article notes,… Continue »