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Chris Hayes on Scott Brown's Border Obsession – and What it Means for 2016

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Last night, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes did a segment on New Hampshire GOP Senate Candidate Scott Brown’s obsession with the border, noting we’ve seen this anti-immigrant strategy before: Mitt Romney, 2012.

At a debate last night, Brown and his Democratic opponent, Senator Jean Shaheen, “discussed” immigration and the border:

In one of the many exchanges in which he emphasized national and international issues, Brown said he voted to secure the border and that needs to happen first. He said the president’s policy on immigration is to “give status to people who aren’t entitled to it. I can’t support that.”

Todd pressed the candidates on what the metric is for a secure border.

“You know when it’s secure when people don’t come across it,” Brown said, prompting audience laughter and applause.

Shaheen said the Senate bill would put strong border-securing measures in place, and she knocked Brown’s campaign emphasis on border security.

“What Scott Brown has done is to grandstand on this issue,” she said.

Grandstand – yes. Invoke ugly anti-immigrant rhetoric – yes. Further damage the GOP brand – Definitely.