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Dreamer Deportations

Crises for Dreamers in PA and NY Prove Action on Dream Act Desperately Needed Now

There is no crisis…There’s no emergency. The president has given us to March to address it,” according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). His co-conspirator Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) echoed the falsity: ““The deadline is March, as far as I understand it.” Clearly, McConnell and Ryan are no experts on DACA. For that, let’s go … Continue reading »

Pennsylvania Dreamer Detained – Why Congress Needs to Act Urgently

New Vox Exclusive Tells How DACA Renewal Applicant Was Detained After USPS Mistake Led to Loss of Status Writing in Vox, Dara Lind breaks the news that, “A former DACA recipient who was waiting to reapply for deportation protections, after his initial application was rejected due to postal service delays, is currently in the custody … Continue reading »

Ohio Dreamer Deported to “Lawless Nuevo Laredo,” Children Left Behind

The Stakes Could Not Be Higher, Congress Must Pass Dream Act This Year Senator Sherrod Brown: “Time to pass common sense solution” Cleveland OH – Last night, The Cleveland Plain Dealer broke the news: “Fabiola Hernandez’ worst fears came to pass Tuesday night when she was taken from her cell in the Geauga County Jail, brought to Toledo and sent … Continue reading »

Free Felipe: Felipe Abonza-Lopez, Dreamer from Texas, Released From Detention on Friday

San Marco, TX – Felipe Abonza-Lopez, 20-year-old Dreamer from San Marcos, Texas was released from an immigration detention center on Friday in Pearsall, Texas, after more than one month in detention without cause. Felipe, who has a disability, was mocked by guards during his detention, and he had his DACA unjustly revoked, Amy Fischer, Policy Director at … Continue reading »

Paging Rep. Will Hurd: Felipe Abonza-Lopez and Other Dreamers Need You This Year

The case of Felipe Abonza-Lopez is just the latest outrageous reminder that the same Trump Administration that ended DACA is now actively targeting Dreamers who still have DACA. Said Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice: “Unless Congress steps up and delivers a solution for Dreamers this year, examples like Felipe’s will only, unfortunately, multiply.” Felipe, a … Continue reading »

Outrage: Texas Dreamer with Active DACA Status in Detention for a Month

Felipe Abonza-Lopez the latest example of how Trump Administration is targeting young immigrants despite assurances from Trump; latest reminder why Congress must pass Dream Act this year In the latest outrageous example of the Trump Administration targetingDACA recipients and other young immigrants, HuffPost’s Elise Foley highlights that 20-year old Felipe Abonza-Lopez has been unjustly held in a Texas … Continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS: Riccy Enriquez Perdomo May Be Released Tonight

Continuous Vigilance Needed After ICE Agent Erroneously Claimed “When Trump came in, DACA doesn’t exist anymore” A recording of today’s press call is available here; Facebook livestream of family reunification expected later today While deported Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient Juan Manuel Montes’case sits before a federal judge, another DACA beneficiary from northwest Kentucky has been facing … Continue reading »

ICYMI: DACA Recipient Faces Deportation After Going to ICE to Post Bond for Another Person

ICE Agent: “When Trump came in, DACA doesn’t exist anymore” #FreeRiccy On the same day that deported DACA recipient Juan Manuel Montes ’ case is before a federal judge, the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that another DACA beneficiary from northwest Kentucky is facing imminent deportation.   Riccy Enriquez Perdomo, a two-time Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient and mother of … Continue reading »

DREAMer with DACA Faces Deportation After Going to ICE Office to Post Bond

A Dreamer with active DACA status is being held by ICE and faces deportation in a new case that has national implications. Riccy Enriquez Perdomo, a 22-year-old mother of two young children was arrested last week and has been held at four different locations since. ICE agents in Louisville, Kentucky, detained her last Thursday when … Continue reading »

Kimberly’s Deportation Has Been Halted, But She Still Remains In Detention After More Than Five Weeks

We’ve received word that Kimberly, a 10th grader who was facing imminent deportation to danger in Honduras, has received a stay of removal. However, it appears ICE has not yet released her from detention, or has yet responded to her legal counsel about when she will be released. Just a few days ago, advocates shared … Continue reading »