Last week, President Trump called on Republican senators to oppose the bipartisan legislative solutions for Dreamers on the table during the Senate immigration debate, ensuring that nothing would pass the chamber. In response, the Akron Beacon Journal and editorial boards across the nation issued sharp rebukes of the GOP’s “politics as... Continuar »
National and Hometown Papers Criticize Republican Failure to Advance Solution Last week, Trump called on Republican senators to oppose the bipartisan legislative solutions for Dreamers that could actually pass. In response, editorial boards across the nation are assigning responsibility for this crisis where it belongs: New York Times: “Trump... Continuar »
Vast majority of Republicans aid and abet Trump’s cruel hostage-taking Here are our key takeaways from yesterday: The U.S. Senate dealt Trump’s far-reaching immigration plan a stinging rebuke; 60 Senators said hell no, signifying it has no chance of being enacted. The bipartisan proposal that had the best chance... Continuar »
Send Message to Houston ISD and Harris County: “School is for Education Not Criminalization and Deportation!” Houston, TX – Today, friends and advocates of Dennis Rivera-Sarmiento gathered on a press call to demand his release from ICE detention and for Houston Independent School District to adopt policies that allow undocumented... Continuar »
With Two Bipartisan, Centrist Proposals to Choose From, Portman Still Found a Way to Get to No Cleveland, OH – The U.S. Senate wrapped up its debate on immigration today, and once again failed to advance a solution for America’s Dreamers.  Senator Brown voted in favor of two bipartisan amendments that would have... Continuar »
The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, regarding today’s Senate votes on immigration: Today, the Senate reached for a bipartisan deal, and President Trump made sure it did not happen. The man who promised to take a deal and take the heat made... Continuar »
The Senate is debating immigration legislation this week, and everything from cutting legal immigration to increasing deportations appears to be on the table. What Senators should be focusing on is passing the Dream Act. Since Donald Trump ended the deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) program last fall, hundreds... Continuar »
Today was Valentine’s Day as well as Ash Wednesday, and supporters across the country took time to send messages #toImmigrantsWithLove. A project of, United Farm Workers, UFW Foundation, and others, immigrants and non-immigrants alike took the time to thank parents, friends, neighbors, and strangers for the sacrifices they’ve... Continuar »
President Trump and Republican allies are already seeking to set up a blame game and point the finger at Democrats, should Congress not deliver on an urgent solution to the Dreamer crisis Trump created. That’s patently ridiculous, of course, as sharp analyses from Ezra Klein, James Hohmann, Greg Sargent,... Continuar »
During a must-hear floor speech today, Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) cut through the GOP’s propaganda campaign on “chain migration” and brought both his colleagues and Americans back to the heart of the issue: Dreamers, families, and our nation’s values. A transcript of key excerpts follows below: I can’t be... Continuar »