Yesterday, when Mitt Romney visited Birmingham, Alabama for a fundraising event at the city’s exclusive restaurant — “The Club” — he was met outside by a number of protestors from the Immigrant Youth Leadership Initiative of Alabama. The group chanted “education, not deportation” and held up signs that read... Continue »
Yesterday’s official launch of the deferred action program for DREAMers offered a reminder about how public policy changes can sometimes directly affect people’s lives.  Unfortunately, yesterday also brought a reminder of the way politics can butt in on even the most celebratory of days, bringing into view the sharp... Continue »
As DREAMers lined up to attend events around the country yesterday to learn more about the deferred action process and get help filling out their applications, America’s Voice decided to honor the day by sharing with our list of advocates the true meaning of the day — straight from... Continue »
WASHINGTON, DC – Ya comenzó el proceso para que los Soñadores soliciten la acción diferida que les concederá una protección temporal de la deportación y un permiso de trabajo. La idea es que la mayor cantidad de jóvenes elegibles se beneficien de la protección y no sean víctimas de... Continue »