A recording of today’s call is available here. Washington, DC – This morning, the Department of Homeland Security released their latest implementation guidance on Trump’s executive orders on immigration. Today, policy and legal experts gathered to analyze the far-reaching changes on border security, detention, asylum, and deportation policies of... Continuar »
Washington, DC – The following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, reacting to today’s release of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implementation memos on immigration enforcement. “These memos lay out a detailed blueprint for the mass deportation of 11 million undocumented... Continuar »
This morning, Associated Press reported that a draft memo, written by DHS Secretary John Kelly, makes the case for deploying 100,000 National Troops to arrest undocumented immigrants in multiple states. While that issue has received enormous attention, the memo proposes far-reaching immigration policy and practice changes. The key issues include border security, detention,... Continuar »
Needs to Answer for National Guard Memo, Misconduct by Agents, Raids that Swept Up Low Priority Individuals This morning, Associated Press reports that a draft memo, written by DHS Secretary John Kelly, makes the case for deploying 100,000 National Troops to arrest undocumented immigrants in multiple states. This news comes after a week... Continuar »
Lawyers for Daniel Ramirez Medina issued another very strong statement taking issue with what ICE has been saying about their client. We wanted to share the entire release as this case has gotten so much attention – and because ICE continues it’s false narrative about Daniel: Today, the U.S.... Continuar »
Once a welcoming and inclusive community committed to upholding American values and protecting its immigrant residents, Miami-Dade County, led by Mayor Carlos Giménez, is backtracking on its traditions of inclusivity. As Mayor Giménez moves to cooperate with the Trump administration’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants, and the Miami Dade Commission... Continuar »
As we highlighted yesterday, there are no lingering doubts: Trump’s Deportation Force is targeting all 11 million undocumented immigrants, including DACA-recipients, domestic violence survivors, and those seeking shelter at a church. A new piece from the La Opinión editorial board encapsulates the heart of the problem: “It is impossible to limit this... Continuar »
Today’s “Day Without Immigrants” strike appears to have started organically through social media and word of mouth in the local DC area, but the action has since spread like fire across the country. The strike — which encourages immigrants and their allies to take the day off from work,... Continuar »
Recent polling couldn’t be any clearer: Undocumented immigrants are popular with the American people. Donald Trump is not. “Virtually every recent poll shows that Americans believe that illegal immigrants currently living in the United States should be given a chance to remain here legally,” writes Karlyn Bowman in Forbes.... Continuar »
The facts are in. Trump’s Deportation Force is in action. His executive order on interior enforcement eliminates common sense priorities for deportation. This means that any and all undocumented immigrants – including DACA recipients – are vulnerable to arrest, detention and deportation. Daniel Ramirez Medina Last night, news reports exposed the fact... Continuar »