A recording of the call is available here Earlier today, Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) gathered on a press call with DACA and TPS immigrant workers who are fighting the corona virus on the front lines to highlight the urgent need to protect Dreamers and TPS holders, extend their… Continue »

America’s Voice   Sen. Bob Menendez: “It is time to lift the cloud hanging over TPS holders’ futures by providing them with a pathway citizenship.” More Pro-Immigrant Polling: Overwhelming Pro-DACA and Pro-TPS Support Across Party Lines On Call, Senators Schumer, Durbin and Menendez Highlight Role of Immigrants on the Frontlines of COVID-19  English The New… Continue »

America’s Voice   New Polling Finds Americans Remain Strongly Pro-Immigrant Ocurrencias de Trump infectan más que el coronavirus English Associated Press Trump’s Focus on His Base Complicates Path to Reelection April 27, 2020 Associated Press High Court Declines to Revisit Immigrant Issue During Virus April 24, 2020 Associated Press Sizing up Trump’s green-card halt: Is… Continue »

America’s Voice   Experts Discuss Trump’s War on Immigrants At the Border Amidst a Pandemic Three Key Points About Trump’s Immigration Proclamation And now, we have to protect ourselves from Trump in the time of the coronavirus English The Hill The Memo: Trump shores up base amid crisis By NIALL STANAGE April 22, 2020 Washington… Continue »

NBC 6’s Nathalia Ortiz is out with an article covering the essential work Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders are doing on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic. Ortiz highlights the work of Rony Ponthieux, a Haitian nurse who despite taking care of three coronavirus patients every day, is under threat of possible deportation from the… Continue »

America’s Voice   Trump is Trying to Distract Us from His Coronavirus Failures — And People Aren’t Buying It President Trump Makes End Run Around Congress to Fundamentally Restructure Decades-Old Immigration Law ICYMI: “Local Nurse on Front Lines of Coronavirus Pandemic Faces Possible Deportation” ICYMI: Greg Sargent in Washington Post “Trump’s latest campaign ploy is… Continue »

More than 18,000 TPS holders in Florida on the frontlines battling Coronavirus  In a new article for WUSF News, reporter Daylina Miller highlights the increased anxiety TPS holders in Florida feel regarding their jeopardized status in this country, even as they risk their lives on the frontlines of this pandemic. In her article, Miller highlights… Continue »

America’s Voice   Nuevo informe: Para Trump y el Partido Republicano, la xenofobia como estrategia política ha sido un fracaso ICYMI: “Immigration Advocates Push For TPS Extensions, COVID-19 Benefits” “Distractor-in-Chief”: Observers Call Out Trump’s Politically Motivated Immigration Ban New Report: For Trump and the GOP, Xenophobia as a Political Strategy Has Backfired The White Nationalist… Continue »

11,600 TPS holders in U.S. working across health care occupations combating virus; 131,300 in essential industries In a new article for the Miami Herald, reporter Jacqueline Charles covers the experiences of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders working on the frontlines of the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic while also fighting to stay with their families here in… Continue »

America’s Voice   ICYMI: “Immigration advocates seek protections for TPS recipients. Many work on front lines of pandemic.” TWEETS: Advocates Respond to Trump’s Shutdown of Immigration Frank Sharry: “Esta es una triste y predecible medida política diseñada para proteger al presidente, no al pueblo” Frank Sharry: “This is a Sad and Predictable Political Move Designed… Continue »