Today is the first anniversary of a tragic ship voyage where three Cameroonians died, 13 remain missing, and several were injured after their ship capsized in the Caribbean in an effort to reach safety in the U.S. To this day, Cameroonian survivors remain trapped in different Caribbean countries and... Continue »
Nearly 70 members of Congress are urging the Biden administration to take action in response to the political and humanitarian crisis rapidly unfolding in Haiti. Lawmakers are calling on the administration to protect Haitian nationals already in the U.S. by immediately redesignating Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haiti. They... Continue »
Washington, DC — The collapse of the Key Bridge in Baltimore is a tragedy that is once again being twisted by right-wing media and elected officials to scapegoat immigrants. Conspiracy theories about terrorists who cross the allegedly “open” border to do us harm is now a reflexive and utterly... Continue »
English Univision Colapso del puente de Baltimore: las seis víctimas son originarios de México y Centroamérica March 27, 2024 Telemundo La Guardia Costera da por muertos a los 6 trabajadores desaparecidos al hundirse el puente en Baltimore tras choque de buque March 27, 2024 Texas Public Radio La ACLU... Continue »
In New York, Vicky Espinoza is among asylum seekers now hoping for a successful future in the food service industry after completing an innovative program that teams up migrants with professional chefs “to master commercial food preparation, including baking, food service management and other necessary skills for entry-level positions... Continue »
English Telemundo La campaña de Biden y el PAC de Trump lanzan un duelo de anuncios sobre inmigración, tema decisivo en la elección By Megan Lebowitz March 25, 2024 La Nacion No le aceptaron la licencia de conducir ni el Seguro Social para trabajar en EE.UU. y deberán pagar... Continue »
English Univision Confrontaciones en frontera de Texas ante confusión por ley SB4: decenas de migrantes fueron retornados a México March 22, 2024 Telemundo Hondureña forma un imperio del chocolate con sabores tropicales y conquista a los neoyorkinos March 24, 2024 El Tiempo Latino ¿Cómo la inmigración ayuda a generar... Continue »
El Paso, Texas — In contrast to much of the fear-mongering, purposeful chaos, and dehumanizing of immigrants in the news, El Paso faith and community leaders held a march for human dignity in downtown El Paso yesterday. Hundreds gathered in San Jacinto square and marched to Sacred Heart Church... Continue »
English The State of California Border crisis: California and national voters demand action in election year March 21, 2024 Washington Post Mexico, a key U.S. ally on migration, pushes back hard on Texas law By Mary Beth Sheridan March 21, 2024 Washington Post Mexico rejects Texas’s ‘draconian’ migrant law... Continue »
Today, hundreds of immigrants, advocates, and faith leaders from all over Texas came to El Paso for the March & Vigil for Human Dignity. Drummers and dancers joined Bishop Mark Seitz, Bishop Anthony Celino, and faith and community leaders from across the borderlands to make a statement against SB... Continue »