Beyond the anti-immigrant rhetoric that has sought to tarnish the very essence of a nation like the United States, there is another world out there, in the streets, in the squares, at work, in schools, in hospitals, in shopping malls, at home, and in the press. It is a... Continue »
astrid silva dreamer from nevada
Dear Astrid, How are you holding up after delivering such a fierce and powerful response to Donald Trump’s first Congressional address? I can’t believe the amount excitement, exhaustion, and anxiety that you must be currently experiencing. I know how hard you have worked on behalf of our immigrant community... Continue »
DREAMer Astrid Silva: “The United States is not a country guided by hatred, fear, and division, as Trump makes it seem. Our country is guided by respect, hard work, sacrifice, opportunity, and hope.” Astrid Silva, immigration activist and DREAMer, today delivered the Democratic Spanish language response to President Donald... Continue »
In Spanish here. There are few stories you’ll ever hear that are as inspiring and as American as Astrid Silva — a DREAMer from Nevada. That’s why we were so disgusted yesterday when Donald Trump Jr., who was campaigning for his father in Nevada, called for her deportation. Like... Continue »
DREAMer Astrid Silva and Karla Ortiz joined Jorge Ramos on “El Punto” to discuss their appearances at the Democratic National Convention last week, as well as to discuss what a Trump Presidency would mean to them, their families, and millions of other families across the nation. “You are both... Continue »
Yesterday, we highlighted that the powerful primetime speeches of Nevada-based Dreamer Astrid Silva and 11-year old Karla Ortiz and her mother, Francisca, at the Democratic convention offered a humanizing rebuke to the portrayal of immigrants as criminals on display at the RNC. While a massive-sample Gallup poll from last week found that 84% of Americans favor... Continue »
A short speech from an 11-year-old girl displayed one of the most striking contrasts yet between the two parties when it comes to immigration. Earlier this year, Karla, a US citizen, was featured in an ad from Hillary Clinton. In the ad, Karla tells Secretary Clinton that she lives in... Continue »
Speaker Lineup Showcases Diverse, Unified Party Following a Republican National Convention that is sure to further outline Donald Trump’s divisive and dangerous vision for America, the newly released speaker lineup for the Democratic National Convention, promises to strike a markedly different tone. On the first night, themed “United Together”,... Continue »