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Joey Kennedy: Sen. Sessions Is Great At Doing Nothing (And That Applies To Immigration Reform)

Yesterday, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Joey Kennedy took a whack at Senator Jeff Sessions for trying to stall immigration reform in their home state* newspaper, with a column entitled “Do Nothing? Now that’s something Sen. Jeff Sessions can do.” As Kennedy writes: I guess it makes sense that U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama would join … Continue reading »

From Detention Watch Network: DWN Applauds Spencer Bachus’ Call for Less Detention

At today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on ICE’s recent release of hundreds of immigrants from detention, Rep. Spencer Bachus (R – AL) asked Director Morton a question that immigrant rights advocates have been asking for years: “Is it possible that you are detaining more people than you need to?… Maybe there is an overuse of … Continue reading »

President Obama Nominates Thomas Perez, Top Civil Rights Enforcer, for Secretary of Labor

President Obama nominated Thomas E. Perez, the nation’s top civil rights enforcer, as the new secretary of Labor today, another sign of immigration reform’s current significance on the national stage. Perez is the assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, and has led the Administration’s efforts against state anti-immigrant laws like Arizona’s SB … Continue reading »

Alabama Immigration Advocates Confront Sen. Sessions: "You Are Going to Destroy Our Families"

Many members of Congress have been at home this week, meeting with their constituents and speaking about–among other things–immigration reform legislation currently being considered in Congress. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), one of the most anti-immigrant members of the Senate, encountered some of his pro-immigration reform constituents yesterday, at a fish fry the Senator held in northern Alabama. … Continue reading »

NPR Examines Impact from Alabama's Anti-Immigrant Self-Deportation Law, HB 56

This week, NPR is airing a series of reports on the state of US immigration and the prospects for reform in 2013.  In the latest segment, Debbie Elliott looks at Alabama’s worst-in-the-nation anti-immigrant law HB 56, which was first implemented just over a year ago and still has consequences today.  Here’s an excerpt from the … Continue reading »

Alabama Church Honors Joey Kennedy With Incarnation Award for Stance Against Anti-Immigrant Law HB 56

The Beloved Community Church in Avondale, Alabama has given Pulitzer Prize-winning Birmingham News columnist Joey Kennedy (who is often covered on this blog) its annual Incarnation Award, for his stance against Alabama’s anti-immigrant law HB 56. As the church said in its statement announcing the award: This year we are honoring Joey Kennedy with this … Continue reading »

In NC, GOP-led Legislative Committee on Immigration Won't Make Recommendations

When Republicans in the North Carolina House of Representatives put together a special committee on immigration last year, the expectation was that we’d see ugly legislative recommendations along the lines of Arizona’s SB 1070 and Alabama’s HB 56 recommendations. But, a funny thing happened along the way – probably something to do with the intense … Continue reading »

Joey Kennedy: Detaining Immigrants in Jail is Wrong Method, Wrong Message

Two weeks ago, Detention Watch Network launched their new “Expose and Close” campaign, identifying ten of the worst immigrant detention centers in the nation and calling for them to be closed.  Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Joey Kennedy at the Birmingham News visited one of these detention centers in Gadsden, Alabama, and wrote a column today … Continue reading »

Joey Kennedy: On Alabama's Lousy Anti-Immigrant Law, the State Still Isn't Ready to Yell Uncle

More than a year after Alabama began implementing state anti-immigrant law HB 56—which was supposed to be a jobs bill–Alabama now has the worst economy in the American Southeast.  The state has endured a year of civil rights groups and supporters comparing the state’s present to its famously ugly racial past, and federal courts no … Continue reading »

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