If press reports are true that President Trump plans a new prohibition on people seeking asylum who transit through “third countries,” then we will see more chaos and failure.  The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice: If press reports are accurate, this decision will cause a chain reaction –… Continue »

Although the government of Donald J. Trump assures us that his immigration policies are simply trying to stop undocumented immigration and protect our borders, the reality is that this administration, since the very beginning, has been engaged in an incessant attack on minorities and immigrants motivated more likely by the desire to “whiten” our society.… Continue »

“This is Stephen Miller’s way of operationalizing his immigration strategy to ‘make America White again.’ – Douglas Rivlin Yesterday, in a story about White House advisor Stephen Miller taking personal interest in certain deportation cases, Politico quoted an unnamed White House former staffer saying, “It’s not an overstatement to say Stephen Miller wakes up every… Continue »

A president who loves winning bigly is letting a consistent loser run the White House Originally published January 31, 2019; updated April 18, 2019 White House senior adviser and resident white nationalist, Stephen Miller has been a disaster on top of the Trump Administration’s ongoing disasters. A rare exception, Miller has remained in the Administration… Continue »

America’s Voice ICYMI: WaPo: “Amid Trump’s immigration crackdown, the administration is silent on whether the president’s own company is being scrutinized” Immigration Experts & Advocates Highlight Upcoming USCCR Hearing Trump’s Political Circus: His Administration Helped Create The Humanitarian Crisis PRI: A Family Split Between the U.S. and Haiti Dreads Looming Loss of Legal Status Las… Continue »

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee held a four-hour hearing on hate crimes and the rise of white nationalism, after the NAACP wrote a letter to the Judiciary Committee in March asking for an investigation into the rise of hate crimes. “Sadly, many with racist beliefs have been emboldened by a national climate in which… Continue »

Maribel Hastings Beto O’Rourke, the charismatic former Democratic congressman from Texas, who in November nearly unseated Senator Ted Cruz in a traditionally-Republican state, threw his hat into the ring for his party’s presidential nomination. With him, there are already fifteen Democrats vying for the spot. As one would expect, many of these same Democrats who… Continue »

As we’ve been noting, ahead of this week’s Senate vote on the resolution to block Trump’s unconstitutional emergency declaration, the Trump administration has been relying on a vicious cycle of circular logic and lies to attempt to justify that there’s a crisis that only a border wall will fix. As Greg Sargent of the Washington… Continue »

On December 7, 2018, Donald Trump announced he would nominate immigration hardliner William Barr to be his next attorney general, succeeding immigration hardliner Jeff Sessions, who was forced out in November. Barr was previously the attorney general under George H.W. Bush from 1991 to 1993, and has been in private practice for the last two… Continue »

English Jersey Journal (Editorial) Call out ICE on threat to New Jersey December 10, 2018 Vox Trump’s controversial “public charge” proposal that could change the face of legal immigration, explained By Dara Lind December 10, 2018 Roll Call Democrats Push Back on Plan to Make Green Cards Harder to Obtain By Dean DeChiaro December 10,… Continue »