After the news of his plight generated outcry and editorials on his behalf, the announcement that Eric Balderas will not face deportation is both a welcome development and a clarion call to pass the DREAM Act. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America's Voice, "While Eric's story is resolved... Continue »
Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has long been one of the most zealous anti-immigrant Members of Congress. Today, in light of Rep. King's revelations of a "Sixth Sense" when it comes to determining who is an immigrant, America's Voice has released a new video about Rep. King's unique... Continue »
Evidently, House hardliners have compared notes when it comes to backing the "papers please" Arizona anti-immigrant law. Representatives Steve King (R-IA) and Brian Bilbray (R-CA) are defending the Arizona anti-immigrant law against charges of racial profiling by arguing that footwear is the key to identifying who is in... Continue »
Few stories more dramatically demonstrate the counterproductive nature of our broken immigration system than that of Eric Balderas. Balderas, a 19-year old Harvard biology student with aspirations of becoming a cancer researcher, may face deportation after being detained earlier this month while trying to board a flight. Continue »
At their party convention this weekend, Texas Republicans embraced a hard-line anti-immigration stance by calling for an Arizona-like anti-immigrant law, endorsing a mass-deportation policy, and pledging support for a repeal of the birthright citizenship component of the 14th Amendment. Unfortunately for Texas Republicans, the state's changing demographics ensures... Continue »
Washington, DC – America's Voice has prepared detailed backgrounders on the California gubernatorial race, the California Senate race, and the Nevada Senate race. The reports document the crucial role Latino voters will play in deciding the outcomes, the importance of immigration in influencing Latino voting behavior. Continue »
As mid-term season heats up, how big an issue is immigration for Latino voters? Some Republicans try to deny immigration is much of a factor, and some Democrats suspect that activists exaggerate the effect. A look at recent polling suggests that the skeptics are wrong. Continue »
The news of President Obama's upcoming meeting on Thursday with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) offers an opportunity for President Obama to take back control of the immigration debate. Following are three important points for President Obama to remember as he prepares for the meeting. Continue »