The newest Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) report, “Latino Vote in 2008: Part of a Broader Electoral Movement,” asserts that the immigration debate was not a factor in the mass exodus of Latino voters from the Republican Party in 2008, and that these voters are not as influential as everyone else believes. As usual with CIS products, the report relies on a mish-mash of conjecture and fuzzy math to support a pre-determined outcome � that immigration is bad and the Latino vote is unimportant. The new report is part of a larger effort among anti-immigrant groups to rewrite history to fit their extremist worldview, and prevent the Republican Party from learning the lessons of the November 2008 elections.

Simon Rosenberg, President and founder of the progressive think tank NDN said that “The right is using the same old playbook it has been using for decades, but the game has changed. If they continue applying their anachronistic �Southern Strategy’ brand of racial politics in the new much more tolerant age of Obama, they run the risk of being a minority party for decades to come.” “Scapegoating immigrants and pandering to the conservative fringe has been political suicide for those who embrace it,” added Clarissa Martinez, Director of Immigration and National Campaigns at NCLR.

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According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: “It is hard to reach out to Latino voters on the one hand while opposing health care for hundreds of thousands of legally-resident Latino children on the other. This is one Latino outreach strategy that’s doomed to fail. At a time of national need, Republicans are playing politics and blocking progress on a solution to an important problem: health care for children.

“Senator-designate Gillibrand of New York has a troubling record on immigration. As a member of the House of Representatives, she supported policy proposals aimed at driving immigrant workers and families further underground without offering a practical solution to the presence of some 12 million hard working immigrants without immigration papers in the United States. “We understand that as a U.S. representative she represented a conservative district, but now she will be representing an entire state, which contains one of the most vibrant and dynamic immigrant populations in the nation.”

“Governor Napolitano knows that ending illegal immigration will only be possible if Congress enacts common-sense comprehensive immigration reform, but at today’s hearing she missed a golden opportunity to make the case. She failed to underscore President-elect Obama’s commitment to moving reform legislation in 2009. Though she made the case for smarter policy at the border and in the workplace, she failed to highlight the glaring need for an earned citizenship program and reforms of the legal immigration system.

On Thursday, January 15th, American Border Patrol founder Glenn Spencer will speak at the National Press Club and release his organization’s new report, assessing the status of the U.S.-Mexico border fence. What the event organizers won’t tell you is that American Border Patrol has been labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center and called “virulently anti-Hispanic” by the Anti-Defamation League. “Clearly, this report and press conference are just thinly-veiled vehicles for extremist, anti-Hispanic leaders to bring their disturbing views to Washington,” said Paco Fabi�n, Communications Director of America’s Voice. “Organizations like American Border Patrol, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the Center for Immigration Studies and Numbers USA promote an extremist agenda that has been soundly rejected by voters time and again. Voters have spoken at the polls, and want smart solutions t tough problems, not more of the same.”

“As a border-state Governor, Janet Napolitano knows that ending illegal immigration will only be possible by enacting common-sense comprehensive immigration reform. She gets that the best way to replace the chaos of illegal immigration with an orderly, legal system is to combine 1) effective border enforcement; 2) a smart and tough crackdown on bad actor employers; 3) earned legalization and citizenship for those here without papers; and 4) a modernized family and employment-based legal immigration system.