“TPS was created by Congress 30 years ago to address precisely this type of situation.” A new report from the Center for American Progress calls for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to be extended to Central American countries recently devastated by Hurricanes Eta and Iota. The report explains that extending TPS to nationals from these countries… Continue »

See detailed visual presentation HERE on how American public opinion has shifted to fully embrace immigrants and immigration A new America’s Voice deep-dive on American public opinion documents how the nation has become more pro-immigrant over time. See HERE for the full presentation, with visuals and detailed data.  The analysis includes the following: Americans Have… Continue »

Tyson betting scandal another tragic legacy of the Trump Era This week brings more evidence that the treatment of “essential workers” during the Trump era has been dangerous and dehumanizing, and that it’s time for America to show its gratitude to those who put their lives on the line for all of us by strengthening… Continue »

Powerful Report from The Marshall Project and The Guardian   A powerful piece of joint reporting from The Marshall Project and The Guardian, penned by Julia Preston, offers a reminder why we need to ensure that mixed status families are included in COVID-19 recovery and stimulus packages.  Delving into the stories of Roy Wright, an… Continue »

Hurricanes Cost Upwards of $10 billion in Damages The aftermath of hurricanes Eta and Iota continue to cause mounting devastation in Central America, specifically in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Reuters reports that the natural disasters have cost more than $10 billion in damages. Separately, Aon’s monthly Global Catastrophe report, highlighted by the Insurance Journal, says… Continue »

“The Biden Effect?” Puleeze. The issue is the Trump Trauma inflicted on all of us.   Yesterday, White House advisor Stephen Miller appeared on Fox News to attack our democracy. He peddled Trump’s election fraud lies and predicted Trump would be declared the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election.  He was rightly mocked in… Continue »

Early voting began Monday in Georgia ahead of the January runoff elections. Longstanding organizing efforts by and of communities of color have built political power over time and could prove decisive in the twin senatorial races that culminate in January. The multiracial electorate in Georgia highlights the role of AAPI, Latino, Black and Native American… Continue »

Now, at the end of one of the most difficult years we have experienced at a collective and personal level, I ask myself how will we, as a society, overcome the profound divisions, bad blood, and lack of civility that has so affected this nation. And, which has been pushed by the very president that… Continue »

A solvable challenge, not an existential crisis.   There they go again. Right wing media, the anti-immigrant movement and their Republican allies are up to their old tricks on immigration, asylum and the border. A recent Fox News interview with former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan makes the anti-immigrant strategy clear: “The cartels are celebrating… Continue »

NPR: Even Disaster Veterans Are Stunned By What’s Happening In Honduras  In a new piece for NPR, Jason Beaubien details the devastation wrought in recent weeks by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.  In Guatemala and Honduras, the back-to-back storms have displaced hundreds of thousands and the toll on agriculture, schools, and infrastructure has prompted those governments… Continue »