Humanitarian emergency on the southern border underscores urgency for TPS designations for countries in crisis CNN’s Rachel Ramirez highlights the impact of climate destabilization on the border crisis, as environmental disasters, economic and political instability, and civil unrest drive many from their homes in hopes of survival. Haiti’s recent presidential assassination, 7.2 magnitude earthquake that… Continue »

Ongoing deportations to a nation engulfed in political violence and despair. Photos of Border Patrol officers on horse treating Haitians the way plantation overseers used to treat slaves. Outrage at an administration that claims to have the backs of Black people.  Let us listen to spokespeople who are themselves Haitians, Black, immigrants or asylum seekers.… Continue »

If there is one country on the American continent that needs help of all kinds at this moment, it is Haiti. Just the name, in fact, has become synonymous with extreme poverty. From its society to its economy to its politics, all of the ills that would keep any nation from crystalizing its development goals… Continue »

Two leading voices are making the case why Democrats need to keep their promises and deliver on citizenship for millions. Lorella Praeli, co-president of Community Change Action and former Latino vote director for the Hillary Clinton campaign, argues that Democrats need to deliver on their promises. In a national AP wire story by Steve Peoples,… Continue »

“Democrats made a promise. They need to deliver.” Washington, DC – A new editorial in the Seattle Times, “Ignore Senate parliamentarian on immigration reform,” calls on the Democratic majority to use their power to deliver an immigration breakthrough and not to use the initial ruling of the unelected Senate parliamentarian as an excuse for inaction.… Continue »

Immigration polling from America's Voice.

Frank Sharry: “Whether through or around the parliamentarian, Democrats need to keep their promise to deliver on citizenship.” Washington, DC – New bipartisan battleground state and district polling finds overwhelming support for delivering a pathway to citizenship in the budget reconciliation process. The polling was conducted for the American Business Immigration Council (ABIC) by the… Continue »

Leading voices are condemning the Biden administration for continuing the mistreatment and deportation of Haitians. At a minimum, the Biden administration should halt all deportation flights to Haiti, a country the Biden administration itself has officially determined to be a country to which it is unsafe to deport migrants. There must also be a humanitarian… Continue »

Washington, DC – The horrifying images of U.S. Border Patrol’s mistreatment of Haitians at our southern border are indefensible. In addition to investigating and holding accountable those responsible, the U.S. government needs to stop deporting Haitians to a country the U.S. government has said Haitians should not be deported to.  Leading observers have been unsparing… Continue »

The Senate Parliamentarian’s recommendation to not include language legalizing undocumented immigrants in the budget plan to be considered under reconciliation is, obviously, a setback. But that doesn’t mean the Democrats can wash their hands of this issue. On the contrary, the Democrats who still control the White House and Congress, albeit with tight majorities, have… Continue »

You can listen to a recording of the press call here   On a press call today, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), a long-time champion for immigration reform, joined immigrant advocates to analyze and discuss the Senate Parliamentarian’s initial decision about inclusion of immigration measures in budget reconciliation. The stakes are higher than ever for millions… Continue »