Washington, DC — As more details emerge following the horrifying collapse of the Key Bridge, we’ve seen that migrant workers are at the center of this story and, in many ways, provide an opportunity to redefine our broader conversation on immigration. In such a fractured and politically acrimonious environment,... Continue »
Washington, DC — In an in-depth piece for CNN, Ron Brownstein notes the critical role that Latinos will play in deciding the 2024 presidential election. Titled “The unexpected dynamic that could decide the Trump-Biden rematch,” Brownstein writes: “Under any scenario, Trump in 2024 will receive the vast majority of... Continue »
Washington, DC – Below is a column by Maribel Hastings from America’s Voice en Español translated to English from Spanish. It ran in several Spanish-language media outlets earlier this week: Joe Biden’s statement last week to Latino voters in Phoenix, Arizona reflects what’s on the line in what is... Continue »
Today is the first anniversary of a tragic ship voyage where three Cameroonians died, 13 remain missing, and several were injured after their ship capsized in the Caribbean in an effort to reach safety in the U.S. To this day, Cameroonian survivors remain trapped in different Caribbean countries and... Continue »
Washington, DC — The collapse of the Key Bridge in Baltimore is a tragedy that is once again being twisted by right-wing media and elected officials to scapegoat immigrants. Conspiracy theories about terrorists who cross the allegedly “open” border to do us harm is now a reflexive and utterly... Continue »
Washington, DC — Now in full general-election mode, both the Biden and Trump campaigns have released dueling ads seeking to define the other on immigration and place the issue at the center of the 2024 election. Megan Lebowitz detailed the strategies for NBC, writing:  “The Biden campaign and a... Continue »
Washington, DC — As right-wing politicians and talking heads continue utilizing dangerous “invasion” rhetoric to describe immigration, Democrats are being pressured to employ this bigoted conspiratorial language surrounding the southern border. Margaret Brennan, host of Face the Nation on CBS, pressed House Majority Leader Hakeem Jeffries to use this... Continue »
El Paso, Texas — In contrast to much of the fear-mongering, purposeful chaos, and dehumanizing of immigrants in the news, El Paso faith and community leaders held a march for human dignity in downtown El Paso yesterday. Hundreds gathered in San Jacinto square and marched to Sacred Heart Church... Continue »
texas sb 4
Washington, DC — Following the whiplash legal decisions over Texas’ SB4 law (better known as “show me your papers”), law enforcement figures and legal experts have expressed concerns over the implications on migrant communities and the country overall. As legal advisor to America’s Voice and Immigration Group Leader at... Continue »
Washington, DC — Several must-read columns underscore the growing dangers posed by Elon Musk and other right-wing actors and Republicans’ mainstreaming of the “replacement theory” and related conspiracies. Beyond the connections to white nationalism and the ugly anti-immigrant tone – and the attempt by the State of Texas to... Continue »