Washington, DC — On Saturday, Donald Trump said at a New Hampshire rally that immigrants were “poisoning the blood of our country.” Reuters wrote, “Jason Stanley, a Yale professor and author of a book on fascism … said Trump’s words echoed the rhetoric of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who... Continue »
Washington, DC — America’s Voice Executive Director Vanessa Cárdenas was featured in this week’s edition of The Hill newspaper’s “Morning Report” Four Questions, conducted by Alexis Simendinger. The full newsletter is available online here and below are key excerpts from the Q&A portion between Vanessa Cárdenas and Alexis Simendinger... Continue »
3 THINGS PAYING GOP RANSOM WON’T DELIVER: MORE ORDER, LESS CHAOS, OR POLITICAL BENEFITS FOR DEMOCRATS Reports from Capitol Hill indicate that the White House is close to caving into GOP demands for harmful changes to the nation’s border and asylum laws to pass critical national security assistance to... Continue »
Washington, DC — Some reports indicate White House and Senate negotiators are moving closer to a deal on immigration and asylum components of a larger supplemental funding package. Below are our updated thoughts on how and why the White House seems to be getting both the policy and politics... Continue »
The following is a statement from Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the latest reports on policies on the table during supplemental funding negotiations: “Giving in to Republicans’ demands and adopting Trump-Miller policies is an extreme and unnecessary move and amounts to both policy and political... Continue »
Washington, DC — The ongoing supplemental funding negotiations on Capitol Hill remain stuck over Republicans’ demands for injecting a range of permanent asylum and immigration policy changes as a prerequisite to continue the fight for democracy in Ukraine. As negotiations and coverage continue, below are four key points that... Continue »
Arizona – This week, President Biden remarked that he’d be willing to make “significant compromises” on border policies in order to strike a deal with Republicans on aid to Ukraine and Israel. This marks a significant departure for President Biden, who campaigned on restoring humanity to our immigration system,... Continue »
Washington, DC — Just weeks ago, the Biden campaign pledged to go “on the offensive on immigration, decrying ‘scary’ Trump plans.” Today, the Biden administration is reportedly open to including Trump immigration policies in a supplemental funding bill,  such as nationwide “expedited removal”—in essence rounding up undocumented immigrants for... Continue »
UNDER THE UKRAINE BUS <align=”center;font-size: large”=””></align=”center;font-size:>All week, Senators continued negotiating how badly and fully they were willing to throw asylum seekers and immigrants under the bus in order to get Republicans to accept aiding Ukraine and other allies. The consistent message from pro-immigrant advocates has been that immigrants are... Continue »
Groups Called on Members of Congress to Stand Strong Against Extreme Immigration Policies Washington, DC — Today, leading immigration policy experts and advocates from New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles called on Congress to pass much-needed funding for cities to improve the asylum process and support asylum seekers... Continue »