In terms of immigration amendments getting tacked onto seemingly unrelated matters, it's business as usual for Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Republican Senator from Alabama who introduced the E-Verify measure today, which won by a voice vote on the Senate floor. Sessions has been a strong advocate against immigration reform,... Continue »
Today the Department of Homeland Security released a statement saying that it will scrap the highly inefficient and wasteful No-Match program. This marks a huge victory for workers' rights advocates and those who exposed the program's deep flaws. Unfortunately the Department of Homeland Security also decided it would focus... Continue »
We've been tracking the injustices of Sheriff Joe Arpaio for some time now. Here's the latest, from blogger Erin Rosa of "Joe Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff who has made a career out of targeting undocumented immigrants and using dehumanizing tactics on jail inmates, has now achieved another accomplishment.... Continue »
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." reads the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, perhaps our country's clearest welcome to those who come to America in search of a better life. This July 4th, America celebrated the rich, cultural influences that make... Continue »
Here's the latest blatant example of the system's decadence, from a piece in the New York Times on immigration detention, entitled, "Piecing Together an Immigrant's Life the U.S. Refused to See." It details the untimely death of Tanveer Ahmad in a substandard immigration jail: "When the 43-year-old man died... Continue »
After a strong coordinated effort this week, led by Dream and SEIU, to allow Walter Lara to stay in this country, we've scored an important victory. Walter was granted a one-year stay of deportation today. The 23-year-old honor student will now get to spend this Fourth of... Continue »
Guest Blogger Nezua: "After postponing twice, President Obama finally met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on June 25 to discuss moving immigration reform legislation forward. The meeting was applauded by activists and advocates for immigration reform, as the issue seemed to have stalled, and the acrimonious tone of... Continue »
"There is no greater case in recent memory that so accurately demonstrates the absurdity and injustice of our broken immigration system than the case of Walter Lara, a youth who's family traveled to the United States when he was just three years old. Walter earned a 4.7 GPA in... Continue »
Yesterday we were happy to note that the Minnesota Supreme Court ended an 8-month epic legal dispute to determine who would represent the great state of Minnesota in the United States Senate. We were even happier to note that the newest member of the Senate and the Senate... Continue »
Earlier this year, we reported that, in light of changing demographics, the Boy Scouts of America is spending more and more marketing dollars to recruit Latino youth, understanding that Latinos: re projected to make up one quarter of the nation's population by 2050. And this week Continue »