There are those in Washington who doubt the possibility of passing comprehensive immigration reform, and while they say it's too hard, Cokie Roberts, news analyst for NPR, claims immigration reform - though challenging - is "reform that's right stuff." In an Op-Ed piece to the Trentonian today, Cokie explains... Continue »
Quick note that that the oracle of the anti-immigration lobby, James R. Edwards, has given us another brilliant contribution to his "blame the immigrants" cannon. This time it's immigrants screwing up health reform, but don't be fooled: there's plenty more bashing where that came from. See, Edwards is the... Continue »
How's this for irony: the extremist group behind the drive to recruit Lou Dobbs into a presidential run has yanked support for their one-time champion. While bloggers debated whether Dobbs was too mean to be President, it came out that he was no longer mean enough for the extreme base... Continue »
The blogosphere has been abuzz this week over a story that the Salvation Army of Houston was forcing families to present Social Security cards to receive free Christmas toys. Now we've learned that the outcry has forced the organization to reverse its policy and allow all families to participate. Continue »
The Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is shifting its focus to silent or "quiet" raids, as Erin Rosa reports for Campus Progress. In quiet raids, ICE conducts "audits" of staff at pre-selected organizations and gives employers a chance to fire all workers who cannot produce... Continue »
The New York Times writes today that new reports from Human Rights Watch and the bipartisan Constitution Project say the immigration detention system "lacks basic fairness." Continue »
The debate over legalizing farm workers has always been marked by the controversial question of labor conditions and migrants' lives, health and housing. But this time, labor organization and farmers are in agreement that passing an AgJOBS bill is a shared necessity. Continue »
Yesterday the New York Times reported that Dobbs was in conversation with CNBC, and many of us asked the question, "Is CNBC ready for Dobbs?" Looks like the answer is a resounding, "no gracias." Network executives didn't give us much time to put pressure on them, announcing by the... Continue »
Media Matters asks the question today, "Is CNBC prepared to invest in Dobbs and his record of conspiracy theories and inflammatory rhetoric?" They cite recent reports that CNBC is in conversation with the ousted anchor: "A December 1 New York Times blog post reported that Lou Dobbs "has held... Continue »
The battle in Washington over reforming health care has been in the headlines for months, and Latino voters, like the rest of America, expect to see results. But as a poll released yesterday by Impremedia, Latino Decisions and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows, even success in passing health-care... Continue »