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National Action, Pressure on CNN, As Stossel Slams “Lou Dobbs-Kind Of Rants About Immigrants”

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drophateThe mounting efforts (including our “Drop Dobbs” TV ad) underway to hold CNN accountable for Lou Dobbs are clearly having an impact.

In their coverage of CNN’s “Latino in America” series, the Associated Press reports:

CNN is airing a four-hour special on Latinos in America this week that ignores its own commentator Lou Dobbs, whose persistent advocacy against illegal immigration has angered many Hispanics.

Some activists have started an anti-Dobbs petition drive, and an advocacy group’s effort to criticize Dobbs within the documentary was turned down by CNN. This week’s special has left many Latinos with mixed feelings: proud that CNN talks about issues important to them but disappointed the network isn’t addressing Dobbs’ position head-on.

The “Latino in America” documentary airs in two parts Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT, repeated at midnight.

Today may be the premier of Latino in America, but it is also a nation-wide day of action, organized by the folks at BastaDobbs.com.

Even the Glenn Beck show today made CNN look extreme for continuing to give a platform to Dobbs.

Andrea Nill of Think Progress reports in John Stossel: ‘I Don’t Subscribe To Lou Dobbs-Kind Of Rants About Immigrants Wrecking America:’

Latino and pro-immigrant activists have launched two campaigns, Drop Dobbs and Basta Dobbs, which are aimed at pressuring CNN to “to hold Mr. Dobbs to journalistic standards” or dump him altogether. Perhaps sensing an opportunity, Fox News’ senior vice president for programming, Bill Shine, is trying to court Dobbs over to Fox’s business channel.

However, it seems not everyone at Fox News will be welcoming Dobbs with open arms. The network’s newest addition, John Stossel, issued some scathing criticisms of Dobbs in a radio interview today with fellow Fox colleague Glenn Beck. Stossel indicated that he doesn’t support conservatives like Dobbs who rail on immigrants. Beck asked Stossel whether he is willing to “throw his vote away” and not vote for a Republican. Stossel firmly held that if “conservative means stop all immigration and some other things that conservatives say,” then he will not vote Republican:

STOSSEL: If it means the Lou Dobbs-kind of rants about immigrants wrecking America, I don’t subscribe to that. I think immigrants by and large do good things for America.

Stay tuned– this controversy for CNN isn’t going anywhere…