It's official. Self-proclaimed "America's Toughest Sheriff" Arpaio has finally made good on the American Dream. That is to say, Joe's landed his own reality television show. The bad news? Fox's newest star has a history of promoting virulently anti-Latino policies that leave tough police-work behind in favor of blatant... Continue »
We can only hope that other members of the 111th Congress follow Rep. Gutierrez's leadership here. What if we could mandate a renewed "palling around" by DC elected officials with real people who understand the real needs of their communities? Maybe we'd finally make headway on issues like immigration... Continue »
Today's Wall Street Journal blog featured our election analysis in a post entitled, "More Immigration Losers." The byline? GOP hardliners need to face reality. "Virginia Republican Congressman Virgil Goode's narrow loss to Democrat Tom Perriello became official last week, and it caps another bad showing for immigration restrictionists.... Continue »
Sen. Martinez has been one of the courageous Republican leaders speaking out on the divisive immigration rhetoric employed by his party. Will Sen. Martinez feel more freedom to speak up on immigration, now that a looming re-election is out of the picture? Nothing's certain, but it is safe to... Continue »
Today, President-Elect Barack Obama appointed Governor Janet Napolitano (D-AZ) to Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security is charged with protecting the U.S. from terrorism and responding to natural disasters, among other duties. Last week, America's Voice Executive Director Frank Sharry wrote about some... Continue »
Today Media Matters has a post slamming political commentator Dick Morris for failure disclose major contributions that could have led him to provide the National Republican Trust PAC with free publicity during the election. Last month, one of their ads was designated, "one of the sleaziest false TV ads... Continue »
In an interview published in Gannet News Service over the weekend, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke candidly of plans to both address and pass immigration reform legislation in the 111th Congress. Reid told Gannett News, "On immigration, there's been an agreement between (President-elect Barack) Obama and (Arizona Republican... Continue »
Immigration reform advocates around the country are celebrating the historic turnout of Latino voters in this election. And, rightly so. These new voters are a huge part of the equation for winning immigration reform. But, not the only part. Winning the battle ahead will take allies far beyond immigrants... Continue »
First things first, kudos to the President-elect on his likely pick for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). If Napolitano's likely appointment to Secretary of Homeland Security is anything, it is a welcome departure from business as usual at DHS. It is a chance for a courageous... Continue »
On yesterday's NPR Morning Edition, reporter Jennifer Ludden took a few moments to turn conventional wisdom on immigration on its head. She cut to America's Voice Executive Director Frank Sharry: "What the election showed is that the conventional wisdom on why immigration reform is too hot to handle is... Continue »