As we pause to commemorate the historic achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., protest the horrid abuses of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and come together to help Haiti rebuild in the wage of tragedy, one can't help but wonder exactly what sort of America members of Congress like... Continue »
The Center for American Progress has a great snapshot of public opinion on immigration today. The piece begins: "There's no doubt the politics of immigration reform are very complicated and that getting a bill through Congress will not be easy. But it's important to be clear that the public... Continue »
This is a guest post from Reprentative Mike Honda and originally appeared on his blog and the Asian Pacific Americans for Progress blog. "The Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 (CIR ASAP), H.R. 4321, includes CAPAC's top immigration priorities, including: Ensuring a robust family... Continue »
New polling released by the Pew Research Center today explores racial attitudes one year after the historic election of President Barack Obama. While the phone-based (land line and cellular) poll found increasing optimism among African Americans, and decreasing racial tension among white and black Americans, it uncovered deep concerns... Continue »
"The Stop Terrorist Entry Program (STEP) Act, first introduced in 2003, also would have required all persons from these countries on student visas, temporary work visas, exchange and tourist visas to leave the United States within 60 days, despite their legal status in the country. Residents and nationals of... Continue »
The anti-immigration wedge issue that was supposed to materialize in 2006 and 2008 failed spectacularly - as Ford personally found out. This is because swing voters want solutions and the hostile, anti-immigrant minority produces a lot more noise than they do votes. Here's hoping that New York... Continue »
Here's to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for using the occasion of his recent inaugural address to make a definitive pledge of leadership on the pressing issue of federal immigration reform. Managing to address the issue even within a brief speech, Bloomberg promised to organize a bipartisan group... Continue »
"This is the bill puts an end to this kind of unchecked corruption. It is a bill that America's hardworking labor community wants. It's the bill that American employers need to operate effectively and ethically. And we owe it to them to reward the hard work they do to... Continue »
The time for waiting is over. Today, Congressman Luis Gutierrez is introducing a bill that would bring 12 million people out of the shadows and into the full protection of the law. Today is the first step in what I anticipate will be a six month, all-out-fight to pass... Continue »
"This is a crisis. It's a crisis of human and civil rights, it's a crisis of our economy and our workforce, and it's a crisis of national security. This is why we cannot wait any longer. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity (CIR ASAP) Act of... Continue »