On March 3, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security announced a new Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for Ukrainians already living in the United States. TPS has been used to give protections for immigrants fleeing natural disasters, political instability, and humanitarian crises.  Secretary Mayorkas stated in the announcement, “Russia’s... Continue »
Today, President Biden nominated Federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court. This comes a month after Justice Stephen G. Breyer announced his retirement. She would be the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court and is considered by Biden to be “one of the nation’s... Continue »
Positive Steps, Huge Disappointments Introduction It’s impossible to evaluate President Biden’s first-year progress on immigration policy without starting with the former guy. Under President Trump, immigrants were subjected to cruel policies that threw the system into chaos. Championed by the then-President, formulated by White House advisor Stephen Miller, and... Continue »
The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the Biden Administration’s attempt to end the MPP/Remain in Mexico program. This is how the internet reacted:  Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, policy council of the American Immigration Council analyzed how the ruling got it wrong in a very detailed thread:  A crushingly bad (but... Continue »
  Alejandro es dueño de una pequeña empresa de comida y dice que “ahorita que tenemos el poder no solo en el Congreso sino con el presidente, es más urgente que nunca pasar (aprobar) algo. Sea lo que sea. Si queremos empezar con un permiso de trabajo, vámonos, pero... Continue »
Andrés, por su parte, es pintor y artista del tatuaje. Dice estar agradecido por DACA, pero reconoce que es una solución temporal que puede terminar en cualquier momento, por lo cual aboga por una solución amplia y permanente para millones de indocumentados. “El gobierno americano ha utilizado este tema... Continue »
This morning, the House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act with significant immigration reform provisions. This bill provides work permits for an estimated 7.1 million undocumented immigrants that have been  in the U.S. for decades it allows them to travel outside the U.S. and also protects them... Continue »
Yesterday, House Minority Leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy delayed  the vote on the Build Back Better Act with  an over eight-and-a-half-hour speech  on the House floor. Throughout his speech, the GOP leader took aim at undocumented immigrants, the so-called “Biden Border Crisis” and tried to make... Continue »
Yesterday, advocates rallied outside the White House to call out President Biden for failing to grant TPS designations for humanitarian relief one year after devastating hurricanes. New TPS designations provide security for families already living and working in the U.S., and will help stabilize a region grappling with acute... Continue »
Today, President Biden announced the Build Back Better framework. In it, this Administration makes it clear that immigration will be included in reconciliation:  In addition, the framework includes a $100 billion investment to reform our broken immigration system, consistent with the Senate’s reconciliation rules, as well as reducing backlogs,... Continue »