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Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy Scapegoats Immigrants While Delaying House Vote on Build Back Better Act

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Yesterday, House Minority Leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy delayed  the vote on the Build Back Better Act with  an over eight-and-a-half-hour speech  on the House floor. Throughout his speech, the GOP leader took aim at undocumented immigrants, the so-called “Biden Border Crisis” and tried to make a case for keeping immigration provisions out of the Build Back Better bill.  

Despite his attempts to derail the bill that would improve our immigration system, House Democrats passed the Build Back Better Act hours later.

Here is how the internet reacted to McCarthy’s long speech: 

United Farm Workers called on him various times throughout the nights to  work in the agricultural fields in the California district that represents where the majority of farmworkers are immigrants:


Other immigration advocates pointed out how McCarthy conveniently rambled for more than 8.5 hours, roughly the same time that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered her speech back in 2018  advocating for Dreamers and highlighted the contrast in values between the two leaders:

Others pointed out how McCarthy’s opposition to the Build Back Better Act would also affect children and families:

 Those watching quickly caught on to McCarthy’s strategy to simply delay the vote of the bill:

Whenever he mentioned immigration or immigrants, McCarthy used dog-whistles, a common tactic used by the Republican party, to incite fear towards immigrants: