Austin, TX – A report released by the ACLU of Texas shows how Texas state troopers have become “frontline enforcers” of our country’s immigration laws, and have been especially cruel under the Trump Administration. Videos have surfaced showing the Texas Department of Public Safety’s troopers pulling people over, often... Continue »
In her Washington Post syndicated column, Jennifer Rubin writes a must-read piece, “Democrats Can’t Shut Down the Government, But They Can Win on DACA,”: Democrats cannot shut down the government. They are the minority party and have neither the power nor the responsibility to keep the lights on and the government... Continue »
Mientras el presidente Donald J. Trump insta a los electores de Alabama a votar por Roy Moore, un candidato republicano por ese estado al Senado federal que ha sido señalado por conducta sexual inapropiada —al hostigar adolescentes cuando ya superaba los 30 años de edad—, y por posturas racistas y... Continue »
Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.
America’s Voice Conservative Columnist Jennifer Rubin, Bipartisan Policy Center, United We Dream, and Dreamers from NC and UT Agree: A Legislative Fix for Dreamers Must Pass in 2017 ICYMI: ACLU of Texas Report: Texas State Troopers are Ripping Immigrant Families Apart When GOP Leadership Says “We’ll Fix DACA Next Year,”... Continue »
180 days podcast
This week’s edition of the America’s Voice podcast, “180 Days,” is now available. The weekly podcast will run over the next six months as we approach the March 6, 2018 deadline for DACA. We cover the fight to protect Dreamers and pass the Dream Act – and other immigration... Continue »
The following is a blog from Irving Calderon, a Dreamer in Texas. This week, Irving participated in a “Dreamer Dinner” with Texas State Senator Kirk Watson, and Texas State Reps. Eddie Rodriguez, Donna Howard, Celia Israel, and Gina Hinojosa, all Democrats. Dreamer Dinners are an ongoing effort by Dreamers... Continue »
Advocates: Moment of Truth Has Arrived  A recording of today’s press call is available here. Today, United We Dream, National Immigration Law Center, Center for Community Change, and America’s Voice hosted a press call today to discuss the path forward for the Dream Act this year. As actions across the country... Continue »
In a new, must-read article, Britney Aguilera, a Queens-resident; Brooklyn nanny; and now former-DACA recipient, describes the emotional and mental stress of losing her DACA-status to Jonathan Blitzer of the New Yorker: The situation, when you deal with it for so long, it turns you into a person who doesn’t have... Continue »
01/08/18 DHS Decision Deadline for Salvadorans with TPS: 31 DAYS  A recording of today’s call is available here. MIAMI, FL — On a press call this morning, Miami advocates, Haitian activists and policy experts called for legislation that provides a permanent solution for over 50,000 Haitians nationals who lost Temporary Protected Status (TPS)... Continue »
Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.
America’s Voice ICYMI: “A DACA Recipient Describes the Feeling of Watching Her Legal Status Expire” Congress Has Two Weeks to Pass the Dream Act Miami Advocates Call on Senator Rubio to Lead Legislative Fight for 50K Haitians Facing Deportation After End of TPS Texas Dreamer: “I Have 307 Days Left Before... Continue »