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ICYMI: “A DACA Recipient Describes the Feeling of Watching Her Legal Status Expire”

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In a new, must-read article, Britney Aguilera, a Queens-resident; Brooklyn nanny; and now former-DACA recipient, describes the emotional and mental stress of losing her DACA-status to Jonathan Blitzer of the New Yorker:

The situation, when you deal with it for so long, it turns you into a person who doesn’t have the ability to stress the way a normal person stresses; you don’t have the ability to show the regular emotions a normal person would show. All you know is how you feel in the moment. All I can do is exhaust all possible options. I’m focused on taking the next step, to survive past Thursday. My practical move is taking a breather. According to what everyone tells me, there’s still discussions on this topic going on—anything can happen.

I don’t want to become a different person because of this situation. I don’t just want to be another ‘Dreamer’ who Trump screwed over, or who a clerical error screwed over. I have a nephew. I need to be able to smile back at him when he smiles at me.

Read the entire piece online here.