Is Trump tired of winning yet? The 4th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals announced its ruling on Trump’s Muslim ban today, writing that the ban “drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.” The ruling actually addresses Trump’s second Muslim ban, the revised version that was announced in March... Continue »
In Reno, Nevada, Héctor Torres, a 44-year old Brooklyn-native and Puerto Rican, was speaking on the phone with his mother, when a man approached and accosted him for nearly ten minutes, for speaking Spanish: “learn how to speak f*** English, you live in America… I feel like a real... Continue »
In Arkansas, Eva Hicks was confronted by a woman in Walmart, who informed her that the United States was not her country, and that ‘we’ don’t want her here. The woman instructed Eva to speak English and return to Mexico. When an African-American woman stepped in to defend her,... Continue »
A South Side alderman is slamming a flyer found in neighborhoods around the city asking black Chicagoans to report suspected undocumented residents to immigration agents. The flyer says that “Sanctuary city Policies endanger the lively hood of every american , while violating federal law and destroying the black community.” The... Continue »
Despite Sec. Kelly’s Spin During Capitol Hill Testimony, More Disturbing Examples of ICE Targets Show Real World Reality Doesn’t Match Rhetoric The Trump Administration’s FY18 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget request seeks billions of dollars to ramp up its mass deportation force and policy. Yesterday and today, during testimony before the... Continue »
Immigration polling from America's Voice.
Americans Overwhelmingly Back Legalization over Deportation Americans support legalization/citizenship over deportation by 3:1 or 4:1 margins: Recent 2016 and 2017 immigration polling from Quinnipiac, Pew Research, New York Times/CBS,  Washington Post/ABC News, CNN, Gallup, and even Fox News each found that between 72% and 88% of Americans back either... Continue »
To Some, Immigration Status More Important than Human Status In a new report for NPR, Josh Burnett finds that President Trump’s “new immigration crackdowns creating ‘chilling effect’ on crime reporting: Police officials have been warning about the unintended consequences of Trump’s immigration dragnet. They caution it will further isolate... Continue »
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America’s Voice Trump’s Mass Deportation Policy Inspires Vigilantism and Violence Calling Out Secretary Kelly on ICE’s Real Targets and Tactics  4th Circuit: Trump’s Muslim Ban Still Unconstitutional Immigration Polling Snapshot – with focus on IN, MO, MT, ND, OH, and PA Top Stories Today New York Times Trump Budget... Continue »

May 24, 2017

Mario Carrillo

Mario Carrillo is the Campaigns Manager for America’s Voice. Prior to AV, Mario served as the communications director at Voto Latino, where he focused on organizational messaging and implemented a comprehensive communications strategy. In 2016, Mario’s work helped the organization earn more than one billion media impressions during a... Continue »
As Lee Francis Cissna testifies this morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding his nomination for USCIS Director, Marcelo Rochabrun of ProPublica has an important investigative report that explores Cissna’s role in amplifying anti-immigrant messages and policy as an advisor to Senator Chuck Grassley, and his ties to anti-immigrant... Continue »