As pundits grapple with Donald Trump’s unlikely ascendancy to the presumptive nominee of the Republican party, they often cite his so-called “populist” appeal.  In a new, must read piece at Vox, Matthew Yglesias dismantles this analysis, noting that not only are Trump supporters largely not struggling financially, but that “o understand the patterns... Continue »
With conservative and Republican elites battling over whether or not to rally behind Donald Trump as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, it’s important to take a look at what’s happening among the voters they purport to represent. Two new polls in South Florida and fresh commentary from Latino Republicans... Continue »
Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.
English (en español al final de la página): New York Times: As Xavier Becerra Stirs Crowds, Hispanic Democrats See a Running Mate By David Herszenhorn New York Times: Donald Trump Says New London Mayor Could Be Exception to His Ban on Muslims By Maggie Haberman CNN: The GOP changed... Continue »
Remezcla — a popular media brand with audiences in the US, Latin America, and Spain — has announced it will no longer cover Donald Trump. Instead, Remezcla will report on the nationwide mobilization efforts against the Republican Presidential nominee. Editor-in-Chief Andrea Gompf writes: Unfortunately, I have come to feel that... Continue »
Crossposted from Medium. A couple of years ago I dedicated a short essay for my mother in celebration of Mother’s Day. At the time I found myself without money — and the thought that I could not even afford to mail a card to my mother pained me. This essay was... Continue »
Leading voices assess implications of Donald Trump as Republican nominee Leading journalists and columnists are busy assessing the implications of Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee. Looking ahead, there is an emerging consensus that Republicans face an unfavorable electoral map that is made more acutely difficult with Trump... Continue »
Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.
English (en español al final de la página): San Antonio Express News: Trump taco bowl adds to heartburn for Latinos By John W. Gonzalez and Lomi Kriel Washington Times: Hispanics eager to punish Donald Trump, GOP over border wall, immigration rhetoric By Stephen  Dinan and Seth McLaughlin Wall Street... Continue »
Tras haber sido proclamado el virtual nominado presidencial republicano, Donald Trump subió a su cuenta de Twitter una foto comiéndose un “taco bowl” o lo que haya sido la desagradable mezcolanza mostrada, que pareció peor al leer el tuit del Bronceado: “Feliz Cinco de Mayo. Los mejores ‘taco bowls’... Continue »
Immigrant mothers are worthy of admiration. This is how I concluded a short essay about my undocumented mother, Vilma, who has overcome her fear of deportation. In the essay, I wrote about my mother’s unwavering spirit, her sacrifices, and her ability to always have a positive outlook during difficult... Continue »
Parece que estereotipar a una comunidad como la mexicana ha sido relativamente fácil para Donald Trump. De hecho, para cualquier antiinmigrante que base su filosofía de vida en el racismo le será fácil “encajonar” a los demás en una falsa clasificación que su limitado entendimiento le permita. Son como... Continue »