Leaders of Latino, civil rights, and labor violations came together today to announce a new civic engagement campaign to win citizenship-based immigration reform in 2013.  The groups issued a joint statement calling on the President and Congress to work together to pass legislation that will create opportunities for the economy, workers, and families.  Civic engagement,… Continue »

In the wake of Arizona’s SB 1070, Georgia’s legislature got caught up in the anti-immigrant frenzy and passed a harsh “show me your papers” law. This week, that provision took effect: Georgia state and local police may start enforcing one of the most controversial parts of the state’s immigration law for the first time now… Continue »

Over the past couple of weeks, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and United We DREAM have made it clear that real immigration reform (and by real we all mean reform that includes a clear path to citizenship) must also include LGBT families. Yesterday, Republican Senator Susan Collins (ME) reiterated her commitment to passing the Uniting American… Continue »

There’s a new bipartisan group of 8 Senators stepping forward to discuss immigration reform–and they need to know that we won’t accept anything less than citizenship. Sign our petition

Following the news that California is now taking steps to move away from the punitive federal program known as Secure Communities, the Center for American Progress today is releasing a new report on the enforcement aspect of immigration, entitled “Legal Violence in the Lives of Immigrants: How Immigration Enforcement Affects Families, Schools, and Workplaces.” As… Continue »

A new poll finds that 62% of all Americans support immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship

After being vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown in California’s last legislative session, the reintroduced TRUST Act is gaining new life after state attorney general Kamala Harris recently announced that local and state police agencies are no longer obligated to follow the federal program known as Secure Communities.  As conservative columnist Ruben Navarrette wrote this week: Now… Continue »