In a recent meeting with La Opinión's editorial board, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi criticizes the Administration's implementation of the controversial deportation program, "Secure Communities", La Opinión reports:"I understand that this is a program that is designed for a specific purpose, not simply to catch the undocumented but dangerous... Continue »
Alabama set a new national standard for get-tough immigration policy Thursday with Gov. Robert J. Bentley's signing of a law that surpasses Arizona's SB 1070, with provisions affecting law enforcement, transportation, apartment rentals, employment and education. Continue »
Opponents of Alabama's sweeping new illegal immigration law said Thursday it will create a new civil rights struggle in a state already notorious for using the law to discriminate against minority residents. Continue »
Latino Decisions and impreMedia have released polling which reveals that immigration is the top concern for Latino voters -- ahead of jobs and the economy. Continue »
For years, politicians have been preying on the American people's fears of terrorism and the hysteria over illegal immigration, to push for a national ID. Concerns with government snooping and citizen privacy have taken a back seat to these efforts. Continue »
Critics say a Homeland Security program that requires fingerprints of arrestees to be shared with immigration agents erodes trust between immigrants and police. Now some California congressional members are calling on Gov. Jerry Brown to suspend the state's participation in the Secure Communities program. Continue »
Hanging on the wall of my office library is a framed poster of famous Americans, including Albert Einstein (greatest physicist of the 20th century), I.M. Pei (architect who designed the 1988 Louve Museum Pyramid addition), Joseph Pulitzer (newspaper publisher). What common characteristic did these people share? Continue »
Massachusetts State Representative Ryan Fattman thinks that if you're an undocumented victim of a crime, you better be afraid to come forward – even if you're an undocumented victim of rape. Continue »
Latino Decisions and impreMedia released polling today that shows Latino voters prioritize immigration, and do so because they view the issue through a personal lens. These are some of the important findings that should catch the attention of both political parties as the 2012 cycle begins. Continue »
A week after Sarah Palin visited the "Statute" of Liberty and slammed the DREAM Act, dark horse Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has also jumped into the fray, weighing in on immigration in such a way that makes one think, 'he must be joking…' Continue »