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UPDATED: Maricopa County Sends Out Wrong Election Date in Spanish — AGAIN

UPDATED: Unbelievable! The Maricopa County Elections Department has just admitted that they once again gave Latino voters the wrong date for next month’s election. This time, it’s bookmarks distributed by the elections department that incorrectly lists the general election date in Spanish as November 8, while the correct date (November 6) is listed in English on the … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Launches DREAMer-Narrated Spanish Language Ad Campaign in Key Arizona Races

New Ads Running Through Election Day to Highlight Immigration’s Role in AZ Senate and Arpaio Sheriff Race As the final days of the 2012 campaign draw near, America’s Voice is launching a five-figure radio and online ad buy to inform Arizona Latino voters about the immigration positions taken by their candidates. Starting today, the ads … Continue reading »

Arizona Protesters Carry "King Arpaio" into Raucous Board of Supervisors Meeting

Maricopa County, Arizona residents are used to seeing tent cities, chain gangs of prisoners, and pink underwear.  This fall, as Sheriff Joe Arpaio faces a much closer reelection for Sheriff than usual against Paul Penzone, residents are also seeing impassioned protests in unusual forms, involving chickens and monarchs. Yesterday, the anti-Arpaio group Citizens for a … Continue reading »

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Literally Too Chicken To Debate 2012 Challengers

Anti-immigrant extremist Rep. Steve King (R-IA) hasn’t debated challengers since he was first elected to Congress in 2002.  But even he is caving this year, agreeing to a series of debates with Democratic challenger and former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack. Not so for Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the rogue lawman running Maricopa County.  In … Continue reading »

Day 4 of the Republican National Convention: DREAMer Protests of Arpaio, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan

UPDATE: DRM Capitol Group has joined forces with Get Equal this morning and “disrupted Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s victory speech to denounce his hypocritical policy positions on immigration and LGBT issues,” according to the statement they released. Watch video of the fearless DREAMers protesting: DREAMers with the DRM Capitol Group made their presence known … Continue reading »