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GOP And Immigration Reform

ICYMI: Jennifer Rubin: “The Wall Comes Tumbling Down?”

In a new piece, Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, a conservative opinion writer, juxtaposes President Trump’s policies with a new poll from McClatchy-Marist on the nation’s views on immigration. Spoiler alert: Trump’s policies don’t align with the nation. As Rubin concludes, “Trump seems unable to give up his fixation with immigration. Unfortunately for him and Republicans, … Continue reading »

The American Public Overwhelmingly Sides with Clinton over Trump on Immigration Policy and Politics

While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are running very different campaigns on a number of topics, few issues present such a stark contrast as immigration. Not only do the two candidates offer diametrically opposed views on the role of immigration and immigrants in America, but their positions are anchored in divergent theories regarding the politics … Continue reading »

On Immigration, Portman’s Record Speaks Louder Than Last-Minute Campaign Promises

Last night, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (R) said that he “very strongly” supports a path to citizenship for aspiring Americans, while his rival, incumbent Senator Rob Portman, expressed support for just legalizing their status.  Some are reporting that this means the candidates largely agree on immigration.  But for veterans of the immigration debate, Portman’s … Continue reading »

¿Qué está en juego en esta elección? DACA para los DREAMers y el futuro económico de Florida

Las principales y consistentes promesas inmigratorias de Donald Trump no son solamente palabras en un teleapuntador, sino una verdadera amenaza a miles de floridanos, especialmente para los cerca de 50,000 que tienen un estatus legal temporal gracias al programa de Acción Diferida para Quienes Llegaron en la Infancia (DACA) del presidente Obama. Más allá del perjuicio personal … Continue reading »

New Immigration Studies Underscore Economic and Civic Costs of Trump’s Mass Deportation Vision

Two important new studies offer reminders about the tremendous costs that would be incurred if Donald Trump gets to put his extremism on immigration into practice as President. The studies, from the Center for American Progress and Pew Research, show why deporting undocumented immigrants from America would come at a huge cost to America’s fiscal and economic health, as well as … Continue reading »

Portman Spanish Language Campaign Ad Leaves Out Important Facts

Voting Against Immigrants, Supporting Donald Trump are Issues that Matter to Ohio Latinos Senator Rob Portman is running a new Spanish language ad campaign that leaves out key aspects of his record–facts that Latino voters in Ohio need to know. Dayton Daily News reports: “The ad — all in Spanish — informs voters that Portman’s priority … Continue reading »

Más evidencia de que la gente apoya mayoritariamente una vía a la ciudadanía para los inmigrantes indocumentados

¿El nativismo de Trump está generando respaldo a reformas humanitarias? Al participar anoche en la gala anual del Instituto del Comité Hispano del Congreso (CHCI), la candidata presidencial demócrata Hillary Clinton reiteró su intención de enviar su propuesta de reforma migratoria con vía a la ciudadanía en los primeros 100 días de su presidencia. La candidata reconoció el escepticismo … Continue reading »

More Evidence that the Public Overwhelmingly Supports a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants

Is Trump’s Nativism Driving Up Support for Humane Reforms? Last night, speaking at an annual Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) gala, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton reiterated her intention to introduce immigration reform legislation with a path to citizenship in the first 100 days of her presidency. The candidate acknowledged the skepticism about a legislative overhaul, noting that “people … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Aaron Blake: “Donald Trump Is Doing A Great Job Making People Like Immigrants More”

In a new piece for the Washington Post’s “The Fix”, Aaron Blake analyzes a new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News. He concludes that Donald Trump’s immigration proposals are not only unpopular with most Americans, but finds that “Trump actually appears to be increasing sympathy for immigrants and depressing support for his harsh enforcement techniques.” Among the poll’s findings, 79% … Continue reading »

Three Key Immigration Takeaways from Recent Public Polling

Among the rash of recent polling on immigration are three key storylines: 78% of Americans back citizenship for undocumented immigrants in new Post/ABC Poll: The new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that Americans overwhelmingly support citizenship instead of deportation for undocumented immigrants. As the accompanying poll summary notes, “78 percent of voters … prefer offering undocumented immigrants who pass background … Continue reading »