After several delays, Speaker Mike Johnson may be finally sending the impeachment articles against Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to the U.S. Senate this week. Johnson had previously named 11 House impeachment managers who will oversee the process. For anyone who has paid attention to House Republicans, it... Continue »
CIS’ Jessica Vaughan Distanced Herself From GOP’s Dangerous ‘Invasion’ Rhetoric and Said She’s Never Used Conspiratorial Rhetoric. But She Lied To a Member of Congress, Because Her Tweets Say Otherwise During a House Natural Resources subcommittee hearing this week, GOP witness Jessica Vaughan claimed that she was unaware of... Continue »
Most of the Republican Members of the House Natural Resources Committee have amplified white nationalist “invasion” and “replacement” conspiracy theories over the last few years. Their rhetoric is inexorably tied to the “Great Replacement Theory” and multiple domestic terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of dozens of Americans... Continue »
First things first: Senator Katie Britt (R-AL) lied about the devastating story of a sex trafficking survivor to attack President Biden on immigration policy and cynically advance a debunked, right-wing talking point seeking to tie undocumented immigrants to violent crime. While Senator Britt’s response to the president’s State of... Continue »
This week, the Supreme Court temporarily delayed the implementation of Texas’s S.B.4, the extreme “show me your papers” law that empowers every law enforcement officer to question the citizenship of any Texas resident and detain them. While a sound-minded federal judge initially blocked the law, that hold was lifted... Continue »
One thing we know about 2024 is that Republicans, with no record of accomplishment to campaign on, intend to make scapegoating immigrants their top issue. America’s Voice Senior Research Director Zachary Mueller recently told Kerry Eleveld at Daily Kos that he expects Republicans to make another “massive investment” in... Continue »
If you want to watch the House GOP’s latest video on the issue of immigration, make your way to the conspiracy theory-riddled alternative to YouTube. House Judiciary Republicans uploaded a video featuring Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) speaking about the so-called “border crisis” to Rumble, a Peter Thiel-backed video platform... Continue »
The Republican Party has fully embraced the white nationalist and antisemitic invasion and replacement conspiracy to describe immigration and the border – a racist fiction that has inspired multiple terrorist attacks and actively threatens our democracy. Over the last several years, this deadly racist conspiracy that non-whites are plotting to... Continue »
The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the annual gathering of conservative officials and activists, will hold its conference this week in the Washington, D.C area. While not the event it once was, CPAC still provides a window into the GOP. Where they once attempted to keep the ugly nativism... Continue »
Michigan Democrats have stripped a GOP lawmaker of his committee assignments and authority over his staff after he platformed bigoted and antisemitic conspiracy theory shared by a notorious far-right troll. Democratic leadership took action after GOP state Rep. Josh Schriver shared a tweet “with the text ‘The great replacement!’... Continue »