Nearly 200,000 TPS Holders from El Salvador Living in Texas and Across the U.S. are in Jeopardy of Losing Protections 36,000 Salvadoran TPS holders in Texas 42,500 U.S. born children in Texas have Salvadoran parents who are TPS holders 24 Days Until DHS Decision Deadline for Salvadorans on 01/08/2018 A recording of today’s call is available here. TEXAS — On a press call… Continue »

DHS Decision Deadline for El Salvador 01/08/2018: 24 days Miami, FL – On Thursday, Miami city commissioners passed a resolution to urge the federal government to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians and Central Americans and to call on Congress to enact a permanent legislative solution for DACA recipients. The full WLRN piece, summarizing the resolution, follows and… Continue »

Introduction As a direct result of the Trump Administration’s decision to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for three countries in the past three months (Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan) the need for a legislative, and permanent solution has intensified. Over 300,000 TPS recipients living in the United States are living in jeopardy, some of whom have already… Continue »

DHS Decision Deadline for El Salvador 01/08/2018: 27 days MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. – TODAY, the Montgomery County Council votes on a resolution to urge Congress to protect DACA and TPS recipients. The resolution says the state of Maryland would lose more than $1 billion per year should Temporary Protected Status end for El Salvador. From Local DVM: Tuesday, the… Continue »

Rallies from Boston to Nevada Demonstrate Nationwide Support for TPS  01/08/18 DHS Decision Deadline for Salvadorans with TPS: 28 DAYS Advocates across the nation want Congress to take action to solve the crisis of 800,000 Dreamers losing their DACA status and to solve the crisis of over 300,000 TPS holders  who have or will lose Temporary Protected Status… Continue »

01/08/18 DHS Decision Deadline for Salvadorans with TPS: 31 DAYS  A recording of today’s call is available here. MIAMI, FL — On a press call this morning, Miami advocates, Haitian activists and policy experts called for legislation that provides a permanent solution for over 50,000 Haitians nationals who lost Temporary Protected Status (TPS) as well as others, and urged… Continue »

“Last month, the Trump administration lifted protections for about 53,000 workers from Haiti and Nicaragua. It will decide the fate of nearly 200,000 Salvadorans early next year.” “An estimated 50,000 of them work in the construction industry, concentrated in areas like Texas, Florida and California that are recovering from hurricanes and wildfires and where labor shortages in construction are especially… Continue »

Urge Administration to Keep Promise to Children Fleeing Violence and Process Pending Applications A recording of today’s call is available here. Today, immigrants’ rights leaders, refugee resettlement advocates, regional experts, and individuals impacted by the Central American Minors (CAM) program expressed their grave concern and opposition to the termination of the life-saving CAM program. The CAM… Continue »

01/08/18 DHS Decision Deadline for Salvadorans with TPS: 35 DAYS A recording of today’s call is available here. On a press call this afternoon, immigrant advocates, policy experts, and a Salvadoran TPS holder and member of UNITE HERE Local 11 laid out the importance of preserving protected status (TPS) for the 200,000 Salvadorans currently protected under the program.… Continue »

‘Activists and politicians are blasting the decisions as part of a broader anti-immigrant ideology within the Trump administration’ In a comprehensive piece, Katie Warren for NBC lays out how activists and politicians interpret country-specific decisions on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) as feeding a larger beast: broad anti-immigrant ideology within the Trump Administration. For example, Royce Murray, policy… Continue »