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Steve King: Immigrants “Came Here to Live in the Shadows”; We Have No Moral Calling to Resolve Immigration

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Hundreds of immigrants, DREAMers, and their families rallied outside the Capitol today for immigration reform, telling stories about their deported family members, giving voice to fears that they might be removed from the only country they’ve ever called home, and asking Congress to do the right thing by 11 million immigrant-Americans.

Steve King, however, remained unmoved from his usual extremist and anti-immigrant self, telling Newsmax TV today:

Congress does not have an obligation to resolve the issue of the 11 million to 33 million people who are here illegally.  They came here on their own. They came here to live in the shadows.

There’s no moral calling for us to solve the problem that they created for themselves. They can easily solve it just by returning to the country where they can live legally.

That’s strange, we thought immigrants came here to seek a better life and to pursue opportunities for them and their children.  But apparently Steve King thinks they came here to live in the shadows, and that a country which values freedom and equality has no moral obligation to stop separating families or give relief to an underclass of Americans.

But what can you expect from a Congressman who tweeted that “illegal aliens have just invaded my DC office,” after DREAMers came to protest an amendment King submitted to cancel DACA and deport them?

Watch King’s interview with Newsmax here: