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Local Immigration Enforcement

Cincinnati City Council Approves Photo IDs For Vulnerable Populations, Including Undocumented Immigrants

By a 5 to 1 vote Wednesday, Cincinnati’s City Council approved a resolution authorizing photo IDs for undocumented immigrants, homeless persons, and other vulnerable populations. Local groups say the cards — which would not take the place of driver’s licenses and would serve for ID purposes only — are the first of their kind in … Continue reading »

Celebrating Immigrant Mothers

Immigrant mothers are worthy of admiration. This is how I concluded a short essay about my undocumented mother, Vilma, who has overcome her fear of deportation. In the essay, I wrote about my mother’s unwavering spirit, her sacrifices, and her ability to always have a positive outlook during difficult times for our family. I owe … Continue reading »

Immigration Local and State Report: Arizona, Florida, Nebraska, Tennessee, Wisconsin

Latinos and immigrants are mobilizing to defeat anti-immigrant legislation in key battleground states. Florida turned out hundreds of advocates to the Florida Capitol, where they were joined by Democrats and Republicans who pledged to oppose attacks on immigrant communities. In Wisconsin, thousands of people gathered at the state legislature to oppose legislation that would criminalize … Continue reading »

Immigration Local and State Report: California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Connecticut

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have emerged as the winners of the New Hampshire primaries. Despite Donald Trump pulling the entire Republican field to the right on immigration, only 1 in 7 Republican voters rated it as their top issue. And as the attention of presidential candidates shifts to South Carolina, there are plenty of … Continue reading »

Immigration Local and State Report: Florida, Georgia, New York, New Mexico

Earlier this week we witnessed how immigration unfolded as a key issue throughout the Iowa Caucus. As immigration remains as one of the most prominent topics at the national level, particularly within the 2016 election cycle, states are also trying to enact legislation that will undoubtedly impact immigrant communities. Here s a breakdown of what … Continue reading »

Trump Inspired Legislation Threatens Florida Ahead Of The Election

Two years ago, Florida Republicans found themselves hand in hand with Latinos and immigrants across the state. Republicans in the state legislature, led by then House Speaker Will Weatherford, passed a bill that would grant undocumented immigrants in-state tuition at Florida’s public colleges and universities. But incredibly, the state legislature is now pushing anti-immigrant legislation … Continue reading »

Immigration Law Experts Join Community Organizers to Discuss The Supreme Court’s Consideration of DAPA and DACA+ and the Obama Administration’s Immigration Raids Targeting Central Americans

For immigration advocates, there are two major developments unfolding this month that will define our work in 2016: the upcoming Supreme Court Decision on DAPA and DACA+ and the Obama Administration’s new strategy to raid homes and businesses in order to deport Central Americans who recently came to the United States. In order to provide … Continue reading »

10 Year Old Organizes Letter Writing Campaign for Detained Migrant Children

Meet Leah Sanles Wilson, a 10 year old from Miami, Florida who is proving to be one of the country’s youngest and most relentless immigration advocates. Despite having been born in the United States, Leah is not stranger to the struggles that undocumented immigrants endure on daily basis. Leah is the youngest daughter of Bertha … Continue reading »

New York Times Editorial Board Highlights Need For Reform And Accountability At ICE (And Over Director Saldaña)

Today, following the racially charged arrest of two Honduran immigrants in New Orleans (and subsequent deportation of one, with the second pending), the New York Times editorial board issued a strong reproach of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) systemic shortcomings (starting with the leadership of ICE Director Sarah Saldaña), despite the promise of reform. The piece, “Wrongly Profiled and Deported,” follows a … Continue reading »

Trump & GOP Field Insist on Building Berlin-Style Wall Despite Net Zero Unauthorized Migration

  Eduardo Porter of the New York Times Explains Idiocy of This Approach As Donald Trump continues to steal the immigration spotlight on the campaign trail, Eduardo Porter, Economic Scene reporter for the New York Times, marshals the real facts on immigration.  While Republicans insist on “border security first,” before any immigration reform plans can be enacted, … Continue reading »

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