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Immigration Law Experts Join Community Organizers to Discuss The Supreme Court’s Consideration of DAPA and DACA+ and the Obama Administration’s Immigration Raids Targeting Central Americans

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For immigration advocates, there are two major developments unfolding this month that will define our work in 2016: the upcoming Supreme Court Decision on DAPA and DACA+ and the Obama Administration’s new strategy to raid homes and businesses in order to deport Central Americans who recently came to the United States.

In order to provide updates and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding these topics, America’s Voice is bringing together leading immigration advocates and lawyers to discuss what is next for DAPA, DACA+, and information immigrants and their allies should know about ICE raids.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court announced that it would hear arguments on the DAPA/DACA+ lawsuit. As immigrants across the country prepare to have their day in court, we’ll look at the next steps immigrant families can look forward to

Right before the holidays, the immigrant community was blanketed by fear and anger, as the Obama Administration announced a new wave of immigration raids targeting mothers and children — some who were even picked up by ICE in the middle of the night.

We covered both of these topics on today’s Google Hangout with legal experts and community leaders. You can watch the conversation here:

The Google Hangout On Air features:

  • Karen Tumlin, Legal Director at NILC (Los Angeles)
  • Jorge-Mario Cabrera Jr., Communications Director at CHIRLA
  • David Leopold, Former President, American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • Juan Escalante, Digital Campaigns Manager at America’s Voice
  • Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director at America’s Voice

Resources mentioned during the conversation: