For the past few weeks, it’s been hard to get Mitt Romney to say anything publicly about immigration reform. That’s a marked change from the GOP primary campaign, when the now-Republican nominee never missed a chance to burnish his anti-immigrant credentials to the nativist base of his party. Romney... Continue »
Last Friday, President Obama took to the airwaves to announce a bold new deportation strategy for DREAM Act youth: effective immediately, DREAMers who meet certain criteria will be protected from deportation and eligible to apply for work permits. While commentators and editorial boards all over the nation applauded the... Continue »
Check out this Huffington Post article on Kris Kobach’s latest screed over immigration and voting rights: The author of Arizona’s controversial immigration law accused the U.S. Justice Department of going after conservative states during an appearance on a talk radio show in Wichita, Kan. Monday morning. Kansas Secretary of... Continue »
New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is one of the names bantered about as a possible running mate for Mitt Romney. She’s a Latina from a swing state, and Romney has a serious deficit with Hispanic voters. But Martinez appears to have taken herself out of the running yesterday by... Continue »