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Kris Kobach Explains Mitt Romney's Immigration Positions, Even as Mitt Romney Remains Mum on the Issue

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For the past few weeks, it’s been hard to get Mitt Romney to say anything publicly about immigration reform. That’s a marked change from the GOP primary campaign, when the now-Republican nominee never missed a chance to burnish his anti-immigrant credentials to the nativist base of his party.

Romney is trying to dodge the issue now. But his “informal” advisor on immigration, notoriously anti-immigrant Kris Kobach, is more than happy to talk about Romney’s record.

Over the weekend, Kobach appeared on “Up with Chris” on MSNBC. Host Chris Hayes asked Kobach what Romney’s plans are for immigration reform. Watch the clip:

According to Kobach — who we’ll remind you, again, is an advisor to Mitt Romney — this is Romney’s immigration agenda:

1.) Romney would support a nationwide E-Verify mandate. (FYI: E-Verify hasn’t passed in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.)

2.) “No amnesty. So, no blanket amnesty, no small amnesty, no amnesty at all for those who are here illegally” (This is Kobach’s way of saying Mitt stands by his vow to veto the DREAM Act and is ruling out any relief for DREAMers).

3.) Romney’s administration will not go around suing states. (Kobach wrote Arizona’s SB 1070, most of which the Supreme Court found unconstitutional. Many forecast that the rest will be found unconstitutional for its racial profiling problems.)

In the interview, Kobach says “I think there are a number of things Governor Romney has said and he has remained very consistent in his position on these.”

Romney isn’t known for being consistent. But he has been consistently anti-immigrant.