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Romney's Immigration Advisor, Kris Kobach, Is Very Angry At Obama and Kansas Republicans

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Check out this Huffington Post article on Kris Kobach’s latest screed over immigration and voting rights:

The author of Arizona’s controversial immigration law accused the U.S. Justice Department of going after conservative states during an appearance on a talk radio show in Wichita, Kan. Monday morning.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) used an appearance on the “Joseph Ashby Show” on KQAM to defend the Arizona law, which is currently pending before the Supreme Court, and the voter identification requirements he has championed in Kansas, while denouncing the Justice Department for what he believes are politically motivated decisions.

“The Obama Justice Department has gone after states that have taken a conservative direction,” Kobach said. “It’s interesting, whenever there is a liberal organization in violation of the law, the Justice Department doesn’t go after them. Going after states one after another like this Justice Department has done is a disgrace.”

Did you notice something missing?  We did.

There’s no mention anywhere of the fact that Kobach, in addition to being the architect of the nation’s anti-immigrant “papers on demand” laws, is a Mitt Romney advisor on immigration (even though it’s “complicated”).  The words “Romney advisor” didn’t appear even once in this article.

As Romney enters the general election, there’s little chance he’ll put Kobach front and center. It’s likely Romney is not going to be sending Kobach out to Spanish language media as a spokesperson.

Kobach was even on the attack against Republicans in his home state of Kansas who find his policies too extreme for their state:

Kobach circled back to the immigration laws, attacking moderate Senate Republicans in Kansas for blocking the implementation of eVerify, a federally administered program that compares employment records with lists of those legally allowed to work in the United States, for all employees of state government contractors. The conservative, GOP-controlled state House passed an eVerify bill this year, only to see it blocked by the Senate, which also blocked a 2011 attempt to repeal in-state tuition rates for undocumented immigrants.

Moderate Senate Republicans in Kansas have been locked in a bitter war with the conservative faction that controls the state House of Representatives and includes Kobach and Gov. Sam Brownback (R). Several senators are facing conservative primary challengers in August.

“The problem in Kansas is principally in the Senate, which is in the hands of a coalition of Democrats and liberal Republicans,” Kobach said. “Hopefully that will change this summer.”

Kobach loves a microphone. He views himself as THE spokesperson for harsh immigration policy and is competing with Florida Governor Rick Scott for the crown on obstructing voter rights. We’ll do our part to lift up his words outside of conservative media.