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Washington Post Editorial Highlights Egregious Deportation Cases in Ohio and Michigan

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ICE Field Office Director Rebecca Adducci Has An “Appetite for Destruction” of Area Families

Cleveland, OH – The Washington Post is out with a blazing editorial about the abject cruelty inherent in the Trump Administration’s deportation policy.  Many of the examples they cite in their editorial come directly from the Detroit ICE Field Office with jurisdiction over Michigan and Ohio.

After pledging to go after bad guys during this campaign, the biggest change Trump has made is in immigration enforcement is to increase the number of immigrants without criminal records who are being targeted for deportation.  The editorial, “Unshackled by the Trump administration, deportation agents discount basic decency,” states:

Recent months have brought news of one senseless detention and deportation after another. From all appearances, the agency seems to have embraced the idea that it is just to sunder established families and separate immigrant parents from their U.S.-born children—even in cases involving garden-variety technical violations of immigration rules.

Yes, the Obama administration also deported some longtime residents who had committed no serious offenses, but its deportation efforts were focused on criminals. By contrast, detentions of immigrants with no criminal records more than doubled in the first year of President Trump’s administration—to 13,600 in 2017 from 5,498 in 2016. Evidently seized by a vainglorious notion of its mission, ICE too often discounts basic decency as a guiding tenet.

The Post cites the deportation cases of Ohioan Yancarlos Mendez and Michiganders Jorge Garcia and brothers Noe and Jose Lopez-Mulato as examples.  These are just a handful of the horrible law enforcement decisions that the Detroit Field Office, under Rebecca Adducci’s steering, has carried out in just one year.

As the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: “in the ICE Detroit region that includes all of Ohio and Michigan, 36 percent more people were deported in the 2017 fiscal year than the last.”  The number of people without criminal records arrested by ICE has more than doubled in the two-state region.

“It’s clear that Rebecca Adducci has an appetite for destruction of Ohio and Michigan families,” said Lynn Tramonte, Director of America’s Voice Ohio.  “She must be angling for a gold star from her superiors in Washington, or maybe a promotion.  To get there, she’s trampling all over the backs of hardworking Michigan and Ohio residents, and their American children and spouses who are being left behind.”

Read the entire Washington Post editorial, “Unshackled by the Trump administration, deportation agents discount basic decency,” here.