President Obama has been under heavy pressure from immigration reform advocates to address his record rate of deportations — and according to the Los Angeles Times, he may be considering key changes to detention and deportation policy. According to the Times, Obama may be considering bond hearings for detained... Continue »
In response to Steve King‘s recent comments that military DREAMers who show up to enlist should be put on a bus to Tijuana, has put out two ads calling out King and lifting up the story of Alejandro Morales. Alejandro is a DREAMer who came to the United... Continue »
Hillary Clinton was speaking at a Clinton Foundation forum for girls’ empowerment yesterday when a 19-year-old DREAMer told her story to the maybe-presidential contender, prompting Hillary to say that she’s a “huge supporter of immigration reform and a path to citizenship and will continue to advocate for that.” Nova,... Continue »
This week, Philadelphia decided to end its cooperation with ICE on immigrant detainers, and after a federal judge’s ruling, at least nine Oregon counties will do the same. ICE detainers ask local law enforcement officials to hold undocumented immigrants — even those who have come across the law for... Continue »
New Republic: Who’s the Real Deporter-In-Chief: Bush or Obama? By Nora Caplan-Bricker Daily Beast: In Passover Phone Conversation, Eric Cantor Slams Obama By Eleanor Clift Gnomes National News Service: Why Obama Still Can Act to Halt Deportations San Diego Reader: Immigrants bad for environment, TV ads say By Matt... Continue »
Emphasizing the fact that Obama’s tenure has seen too many deportations of people who have done nothing wrong, some local leaders are stepping in to say that enough is enough. Yesterday, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter signed an executive order that changes the city’s cooperation with ICE on immigrant detainers, or... Continue »
There is growing pressure on the Obama Administration to preside over immigration enforcement reforms and to deliver affirmative relief to those who would qualify for legalization under the Senate’s immigration bill.  While the White House is engaged in a sustained effort to dispute and muddy some of the recent statistical... Continue »
Yesterday, Eric Cantor made headlines by slamming President Obama for his supposed lack of sincerity in working with Republicans to pass immigration reform.  But as Greg Sargent explains in a post this morning, Cantor is currently under particular pressure to appear tough on immigration, after Tea Partiers have begun crying... Continue »
Recently we’ve begun seeing a concerted effort by the Obama Administration to distance itself from the very aggressive deportation and enforcement strategy that has been underway for the past six years. Though, no one is denying that 2,000,000 immigrants have been deported, so it’s no surprise that the tough enforcement... Continue »
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