Leaders and advocates in Texas and across the country are blasting Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s apparent lament that the state can’t shoot migrants on sight at the border. Yes, he really said that. In shocking remarks initially reported by Heartland Signal, Abbott complained to right-wing activist and former... Continue »
America’s Voice · La Semana En Inmigración – 1.12.24   • El nativismo y las declaraciones antiinmigrantes siguen siendo el arma politiquera favorita de los republicanos liderados por Donald J. Trump y el gobernador de Texas, Greg Abbott • Comité cameral conduce audiencia sobre los esfuerzos republicanos para destituir... Continue »
Washington, DC — Texas under Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) has been relentless in their anti-immigrant focus, both politically and substantively. Texas is challenging federal supremacy over immigration and border control and going to new lengths to assert the Governor’s role in the national GOP spiral towards extremism. Three developments... Continue »
Civil rights organizations said in a complaint last summer that at least 30 people, including a number of bystanders, had been killed as a result of often unnecessary high-speed chases stemming from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s multi-billion dollar Operation Lone Star (OLS) scheme. In the year since, that number... Continue »
Attacking and exploiting immigrants for political gain is a unifying issue for Republicans and that was on full display at one of their “favorite” photo op sites this past weekend in Texas. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott endorsed former President Donald Trump for reelection during a joint appearance in the... Continue »
No other governor in the nation has carried out a more cruel, ineffective, and wildly expensive anti-immigrant agenda than Texas Republican Greg Abbott. Across the country, Republicans as part of their downward trajectory on immigration, have proposed or implemented dehumanizing, dangerous, and wasteful policies attacking migrants, including those seeking... Continue »
Facing Litigation Over Abuses, Abbott Disowns His Signature Policy Texas Governor Greg Abbott really has some nerve. For more than two years, the Republican has touted his Operation Lone Star scheme as a “historic border mission,” spending billions in taxpayer dollars to in part target and arrest migrants seeking... Continue »
Despite being handed a resounding court ruling against one of his anti-immigrant policies just a couple of weeks ago, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is expanding his concertina border fencing – into the United States. Yup, you read that right. Abbott has ordered Texas National Guard troops to install miles... Continue »
A Venezuelan family that was separated for months after it was entangled in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star scheme has been reunited in New York.  “Genesis crouches down, happy tears tugging her face into a big grin, as she nudges her 2-year-old daughter, wearing a backpack, pink... Continue »
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Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has already sunk billions of taxpayer dollars into cruel and ineffective border policies that have separated families, have been ruled unconstitutional in court, and have illegally jailed hundreds of Black and brown migrants for weeks and months without any formal state charges, just to... Continue »