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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: GOP Letter Holds DREAM Hostage

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As the pressure intensifies in Congress to try to pass various bills in the lame-duck session, including the DREAM Act, several Spanish-language media outlets report on a new Republican effort to obstruct any legislative action unless Democrats agree to fund all government operations and extend the Bush tax cuts.

GOP letter holds DREAM hostage. The warning from Republicans, contained in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), threatens to freeze the debate on bills such as the DREAM Act.

Telemundo’s national news broadcast points out that the battle between Democrats and Republicans has escalated to holding the DREAM Act and other bills hostage.

La Opinión (Los Angeles) writes an editorial titled “Negotiation and obstruction” (Negociación y obstrucción”), condemning the Republicans’ actions: one day meeting with the president and agreeing to bipartisan cooperation, and the next day sending the letter to Majority Leader Reid warning to paralyze any legislative action. The paper writes:

“This attitude sets up all Democratic initiatives for failure—from the DREAM Act to the ratification of a nuclear weapons treaty and the repeal of the Pentagon’s ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy—if the Democrats do not yield to the opposition…

“The GOP’s ultimatum leaves no room for negotiations. It does not mean that if they get their way on taxes, they will back Democratic proposals. The Republicans are offering to allow, in the best case scenario, a debate and perhaps a vote on issues backed by the Democrats. Nothing else…In the last election, voters rejected the lack of cooperation in Washington, the destructive policy of everything or nothing at all. There is much to be concerned about if this last portion of the legislative session foretells what the next two years hold.”