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DREAM Act Youth Deliver Giant Check to Congress - For $2.3 Billion

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Delivering DREAM check

Editor’s note: Cross-posted from Reform Immigration For America, with additional photo from Gaby Pacheco (bottom right) delivering a check to Sen. Hutchinson’s office.

Today, a group of DREAM act youth and supporters arrived on Capitol Hill with giant checks to give out to lawmakers. Based on the Congressional Budget Office’s report late last week, passing the DREAM Act would create $2.3 billion over the next 10 years in revenue and slash the deficit by $1.4 billion.

This action took place in coordination with the DREAM Act vigils happening across the country today. 

Capitol Police refused to allow DREAMers to deliver these checks directly to many of the Congressional offices. Undeterred, DREAMers lobbied key Senate votes like Senator Hutchison in TX and Senator Lemieux in FL.

If Senate Republicans are really serious about fighting the deficit, the DREAM Act should be the first item on their agenda. It cuts the deficit and has the endorsement of the American public.

It’s time to pass this legislation. Not only is it the right thing to do for many deserving youth, but it would mean a giant check for our country. If only the GOP would let us deliver it.

Delivering DREAM checkDelivering DREAM check